Interview with Seana Kofoed

What made you decide to go into acting?

As someone a bit on the shy side in elementary school, I had vast amounts of time to just observe human behavior, unnoticed.

It was also around that time that I realized I could PRETEND to be someone braver, stronger, funnier…than I actually was…and that was sort of life-changing for me.  It’s also just a nice break to be someone other than yourself for a while!

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Why join the writing/producing side with your film 30 Miles From Nowhere?

At a certain point as an actor you realize you don’t have to ‘stay in your lane,’ that you can, and SHOULD, diversify.

I love telling stories, and I can do that as an actor, but I can also do that as a writer or a writer/producer.

The blissful thing about wearing the writer/producer hat is that if I want to assemble a team that’s diverse and gender-balanced

…a team that represents the world in which we live…I can do that.

My producing partner Kelly Demaret and I don’t have to clear our casting or crew choices with someone whose mission may not be in sync with ours.

Our company, Film Camp Productions, can be an active part of the change we wish to see in storytelling.  And that’s an awesome feeling.

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Are you writing any new projects?

I have two projects in later stages of development that I’m excited to see get made.

One, a young-adult wilderness adventure, we may produce ourselves under the Film Camp Productions banner, and the other, a female-driven action-comedy that demands a slightly higher budget.

I hope to match with a happy, good-fit home with the production structure in place to support it.

What have you learned since becoming an actress?

I’ve learned to look for the good, or the relatable, in people.

I think I’ve always been fairly empathetic, but there’s nothing like walking in another person’s shoes

— even in a fictional setting — to teach you to respect and strive to understand, not fear, your neighbor.

How do you decide what roles to take?

If they’re well-written, I’ll take ‘em!

No matter the size of the role, if it’s well-written, if the dialogue is good, I’m usually game.

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Was filming Claws as crazy and fun as it looks?

Yep!  Dale Stern, the on-set producer over at CLAWS, and director of multiple episodes — runs a really lovely, easy set.

No one’s taking themselves too seriously, and there’s a general atmosphere of kindness and happiness to be there.

All of which makes the visiting actor’s job a total joy.

The same was true of AMERICAN PRINCESS, the Jenji Kohan/Jamie Denbo comedy on Lifetime, I was extraordinarily lucky to work on such a happy and kind set and to be a part of that truly amazing family.

They have a ‘no A-holes’ rule over there, and it makes an enormous difference both in the day-to-day morale AND in the final product.

What was your favorite scene to film?  Or if it hasn’t aired yet, can you give us hints?

For CLAWS, I would say this scene we shot one night in the woods,

directed by the lovely Claire Kilner…and we were given some leeway to just play.

t had a bit of a ‘woodland creatures’ vibe to it.  You’ll see. 🙂

And I have too many favorite AMERICAN PRINCESS scenes to name just one!  Ziplining was pretty cool…and then there was the mud pit…and when the Queen lets loose after too much booze…that one was fun…

Where you a fan of Claws before you joined the cast?

Yes!  I have to confess, my husband, Jason Antoon, is also in the cast, and

I’m pals with a few of the brilliant actors on the show, but I’d absolutely watch it anyway!

It’s such a deliciously fun show with a ridiculously good cast.

Was it hard to get into your character?


Can you describe her a little bit for us?At first glance, she’s mousy, and easily underestimated.

Which makes it all the more fun when she shows her other side.

What’s next for you?As we wait to hear about a pick up for American Princess,

I’ll of course take on whatever fun roles come my way, and in the meantime

I’m in development on two scripts as a writer, which will keep me busy and entertained! 

Who would you love to work with next?
I’ll of course always jump to work with Jenji Kohan, Jamie Denbo, Jenny Bicks
— writers who tend to write excellent women roles…let’s see…Ava DuVernay.  And Pamela Adlon.  Shonda Rhimes…

I don’t mean to name only women!  Goodness.  Um…Shakespeare? 🙂

What do you like to do when you’re not working to relax?

I’m embarrassed to say that I just catch up on good television with my husband!

When the kids are finally asleep…and we can watch John Oliver…or Stephen Colbert…Game of Thrones (weep!)  Life’s little pleasures.