“A Discovery Of Witches” (S01E03)

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This was an incredible episode. The theme of this episode is “safe”. It was written by Kate Brooke. The director is Dominic Barlow. The executive producers are Kate Brooke, Anne Ferguson, Julie Gardener, Deborah Harkness, Lachlan McKinnon, Anne Mensah and Jane Tranter.

When will I see her again?
The day starts off with Matthew (Matthew Goode) waiting outside of Diana’s (Teresa Palmer) building. There is a method to Matthew’s thinking, he wants to protect and covet Diana. He’s already checked the ‘Bodleian’. It’s full of creatures waiting for Diana to call up ‘Ashmole 782’. It’s not safe for her.  He can detect her scent as she approaches. (Even though he’s got his back turned away from her.) Immediately, Matthew smiles as Diana says hello. If you recall, this is the first time Diana says his name.
“I thought that… would you let me take you out for the day instead?” – Matthew
Diana decides to spend time with Matthew get to know him. Hold up, wait! Guess who’s running over to Diana? It’s Gillian Chamberlain (Louise Brealey), the traitor! Girlfriend has the audacity to tell Diana, she used power for her own gains. (Gillian stop drinking the poisoned Kool-Aid.) Peter Knox (Owen Teale) will tell you anything to get to Diana! “Look, I know that you’re angry with me, I understand, but that does not mean that you need to spend time with that.” – Gillian. I must have been hearing things. What did she just say? Diana looks over at Matthew by the car, with this beaming aura. Gillian is the last person on Earth to give anyone advice! Matthew’s the only one who’s been upfront, concerned and decent. Gillian get on that broomstick, be gone!

The Old Lodge:
They are in the car headed to his house. I could imagine her scent, must have overwhelming for him. We all know taking Diana to ‘The Old Lodge’ is an immense move on his behalf. Diana wants to go on her own. You’ll notice, step by step, Matthew is bringing Diana closer into his life. There is a huge metaphor here. Matthew goes towards the gates, which are locked. He is unlocking another chapter in his life to her.  Remember, Matthew has been waiting a long time for Diana. He is the “shadow prince” living in darkness. He is opening every curtain, bringing light into the house. She’s arrived. The reality that Diana here with him is monumental.
He has the most smitten smile on his face.He has the most smitten smile on his face. He tells her he took his mother’s name when she sired him. “De Claremont”. He mentioned briefly his stepfather, Philippe. He was killed in the war. “Yes, we can be killed if you try hard enough.” – Matthew. “You’re French!” – Diana
“Don’t you ask a lot of questions?” – Matthew
You witness in this scene, she’s so curious to know everything about him. She soaking all in. It’s the historian in her. It’s an intimate way of wanting to connect with him. It’s an awakening for both of them. While they are upstairs in the library, Diana sits at his desk. She is carefully looking through an alchemy book. She asked Matthew if he was an alchemist. We could assume it was either Baldwin’s or Hugh’s. (We have not met Hugh.) He pours wine for them both. He wanted to know if Diana had cast the book up. (Who’s the Inquiring minds now, Matthew?) He sits there watching her, no doubt taken by her beauty, intelligence and curiosity. I love that Matthew loves her all these things about her. Diana explains, she was never particularly good at spellcasting. Matthew decides to put that to the test. He attempts to spill wine on an old manuscript. Diana stops it. “Your magic is instinctual.” – Matthew. (He had a feeling it was.) “Living without magic isn’t bad.”– Diana. (Silly girl stop lying!)  “That’s not true. You can feel me when I’m looking at you.” – Matthew. They talk more, Matthew makes several truthful points. She was born a witch. The same cannot be said for Matthew, though. He was born a human and reborn in the year 537 as a vampire. Apparently, the curiosity of wanting to know more about him, Diana makes the next move. She invites Matthew to dinner.

Back in the Bridges of Madison County:
Emily (Valarie Pettiford) is scrawling. When she’s suddenly interrupted by Tabitha the cat, running out the door! Sarah’s (Alex Kingston) not far behind. “I’ve been having dreams about Diana. I see something in the shadows.” – Em. She knew it wasn’t Knox. Em wonders if it’s the shadow prince… It gives them both the chills… Diana calls her aunts. “What are you doing hanging around with him?” – Aunt Sarah. “I’m not I any danger with him.” – Diana. He could have feed off you. Stole your memories! (Sarah, calm down.) Em, brings up an interesting point. “What if he’s the shadow prince that lived between sunset and moon rise?” “Yeah, I used to love those stories.” – Diana. “What if it’s him?” – Em. Diana remembers those stories, she loved them. Em can see the future that Rebecca foresaw and wove for her daughter into the comfort of fairy tales. Rebecca did her daughter a tremendous favor… she told the entire story, even the bad parts… “He wouldn’t do anything like that.” Diana is so resolute, so sure about him, that she’d deny he would ever do anything bad to her. She has 100% trust in him. Diana tells her aunts, she’ll ask him. He’s coming over for dinner.

Witches and vampires’ mistrust, oh my.
In Venice, Satu (Malin Buska) is off to the congregation. She’s greeted by its human caretaker. They are tasked to keep the location secret. Satu wants to go into the congregation meeting room. (They should have a huge: “DO NOT ENTER!” sign). Satu being noisy wants to see everything. She’s only allowed inside the witches’ archives. What I want to know is, what’s the deal with Satu? Why does want information on Diana. (There is more to this story…TBC.) She’s going through the files, finds Diana and Rebecca Bishop’s (Sophia Myles). We see these graphic pictures of her parents. They died in a horrible accident. Satu decides to use magic on the document she wants to read. It’s all blacked out. Apparently, it has information on Diana’s powers and signed by Peter Knox. The document states Diana tested as a child, had no powers. The plot thickens as Domenico (Greg Chillin) the vampire enters the witch’s archives. He’s choking the be geezus out of Satu. She covers the paper in time. He wants to know who Diana Bishop is. Sleeping dogs never lie. Domenico is on this. He’ll run right back to Gerbert (Trevor Eve) with the news.

Where the daemons hide.
Were introduced to Sophie Norman (Aisling Loftus) who’s house is filled with alchemical books and drawings. (I want to know, if Sophie is a relative of the famous psychic, Sylvia Browne?) Sophie been researching loads of alchemical books and doing drawings. Her husband Nate Wilson (Daniel Erza) has been working hard! He started a website, so daemons have a safe place to chat. Sophie is aware of the risk her husband is taking. Especially since it’s against congregation rules. She gives her husband advice to stay online for now. His mother, Agatha Wilson (Tanya Moodie) is apart of the congregation, leader representing the daemons. Sophie show her husband a picture in the alchemical book. “Do you recognize this?” – Sophie. “It’s your statue.” – Nate (We see a picture of the huntress statue/white queen.) Agatha visits he son and daughter-in-law  seeing if they are doing okay. We hear something interesting from Agatha: “Alchemy exists to bring suffering humans into a form of enlightenment.” Nate and his mom start arguing. “They closed the site down. Did you tell them? You’re the congregation. You have a voice.” Sophie prophesizes the coming of the ‘huntress/white queen” statue, telling themit will get better.  She shows them the statue. The white queen from alchemy. My Dad gave it to me, I’m to give it to the person who needs it.

“Is he always this controlling?” “With us, yes. But with a witch, it’s a first.”
I love Marcus’ (Edward Bluemel) delivery on this and his demure smile. We’re learning, Vampires are exceptionally good about family hierarchy and following pack orders. Matthew is the alpha male in this pack. Since Marcus was sired by Matthew, he follows his orders.  A huge part of mating is being protective. (We’ve noticed this since the beginning.) Diana is going shopping for her dinner with Matthew. Marcus decides to join her. He wants to barter with Diana. A sample of her blood to test. In exchange, he’ll help her pick out a dinner for Matthew. Later, Miriam (Aiysha Hart) is about to take Diana’s blood. Marcus talks about the possibility of being from 1 of the 4 original clans. While this is happening, Matthew busts open the door. “If any vampire’s going to take her blood, it’s going to be me… Are you alright?” – Matthew. Let’s talking about being protective and controlling, Matthew fits this description. I believe this is when both Marcus and Miriam pick up on his mating habits taking place.  Again, Matthew controls himself while withdrawing blood from her. Miriam stopped immediately when Matthew spoke. He was able to draw her blood. The 1st time, he kissed her wrist. (Marking his mate.), the 2nd time in the car her scent was everywhere. The biggest occasion was yet to come. On Matthew’s way to Diana’s for dinner, he runs into Miriam. Who informs him “You’re craving her? You know the rules.” Matthew scoffs it off. “The congregation is not to about enforce a 1000-year-old rule.” (AS IF, that ever happen, right?) Diana is getting ready for their romantic dinner. When party pooper, Peter Knox is at her door. “Expecting someone? Knox tells her she’s just like her father. He was so open minded that he put your mother in danger. Matthew enters with vampiric speed. He growls at Knox behind Diana. Hit the road, Knox. Matthew checks the hall and locks the door, they have dinner. “Red deer. Young highland stag.” He goes on to tell her, their senses are heightened. Diana wants to know more. Most legends about us were dreamed up by humans. He describes the wine. “What would I taste like?” – Diana. “Don’t ever say that to me.” – Matthew. Diana only wants to understand him. He’s really trying to warn her here. “It would take a minute for me to strike. I wouldn’t be to stop. The smell of you, willow sap, chamomile, honey, frankincense and lady’s mantel. Ancient things I thought I had forgotten. I can hear your witches blood signing in my in your veins.” – Matthew. Diana turns to Matthew and reaches up to kiss him. “I feel safe with you.” – Diana. Matthew’s eyes were open the entire time. I had to believe that is he could not believe this was happening. He was taking her in. “Thank you for dinner.” – Matthew. He leaves Diana there feeling bewildered.

Witch Winds cometh. 
Matthew sneaks into her rooms. He sees the pictures of her dead parents. He then leaves and goes to look for Diana. It starts in the Bodleian. Diana went to call up ‘Ashmole 782’. She asked her friend Sean (Adetomiwa Edun), to retrieve it for her. Little did anyone know; Knox was there with the coven. He wanted to intimidate Diana. The final straw broke when Knox does a spell on Sean. Diana becomes furious. She summons up ‘Witch Wind’. They cannot fight Diana; she is knocking them all out and down. Matthew senses something is happening. He runs to help his beloved. Diana is now down on the floor. He tells her “Breathe. Diana. I’ve got you. Your safe.” Later, Diana is sleeping inside her room. Matthew is fondly watching her. Marcus comes by. He straightened everything out at the ‘Bodleian’. Sean is doing better. Matthew and Marcus have such a strong relationship. They are fantastic in this scene. Matthew shares his feelings with Marcus. The first gut reaction of Matthew is to retaliate and kill Peter Knox. Marcus uses rationality with his father. He explained that killing Knox would start a war. He’d be playing right into Knox’s hand. It drove Matthew completely to the brink; a thought of Diana being hurt. The next morning, Diana is having a glass of wine. Someone drops an envelope off, she opens it.There are pictures of her parents dead brutually. Like a storm Diana goes right to the usual suspect: Gillian. “You knew about this.” – Diana. Gillian responds she had no idea. All she seemed to care about, if Diana was going to give the book to the “vampire”.

“I’ve never felt so protective over anyone.” – Matthew
Diana is sleeping inside her room. Matthew is fondly watching her. Marcus comes by. He straightened everything out at the ‘Bodleian’. Sean is doing better. Matthew and Marcus have such a strong relationship. This duo is fantastic in their scenes. Matthew shares his feelings with Marcus. The first gut reaction of Matthew is to retaliate and kill Peter Knox. Marcus reasoned with his father. He explained that killing Knox would start a war. He’s certainly right about that. It drove Matthew completely insane with the thought of Diana being hurt. Marcus encourages Matthew make the right choice. Matthew killing Peter Knox, would ignite a war. Is this the kind of life he wanted for his family? Certainly not, Matthew wanted them all to be safe and free of fighting the congregation. Diana wakes up, Matthew is right there with her. Honestly, I don’t know how anyone else made it through this part. I was barely hanging on. Matthew bends to Diana’s facial level. He moves her hair out of her face. He initiates the kiss. Eyes closed. Perfection at last, he is letting her into his heart. “I’m taking you home with me to France. No witch will dare trespass on vampire land’s.”

“You can go your own way”.

“You can go your own way”.
“Loving you
Isn’t the right thing to do
How can I ever change things
That I feel”
“If I could
Baby I’d give you my world
Open up
Everything’s waiting for you”

I thought immediately to myself, where can I get myself a vampire, like Matthew De Claremont! Another TED TALK  moment: Can you even begin to imagine having a man, that hot, charismatic, intelligent and romantic. Who’d die for you? (All because he loves you that much! Lawdy, get me some smelling salts. I’ m going to pass out again.) He’s totally invested and devoted her. This was an incredible ending from a writing and visual perspective. Matthew reaches out for Diana’s hand; as she grabs his. The music starts. They’re letting everyone know. “We love each other. This is our beginning.” They’re giving their love the chance it deserves on their terms. Their love is strong enough to face any obstacle. Writers, directors, producers, most of all Matthew De Claremont (Matthew Goode) and Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer), thank you. We your fans, live for these kinds of  moments.

Beware of the witch with the blood of the lion and the wolf.
Loose lips shrink ships, Domenico. “A strange story came to me today. Mathew De Claremont is harassing a witch at Oxford.” – Domenico. Gerbert always believes witches do nothing but lie. Domenico ever so persistent, edges Gerbert on. “We should take advantage of the opportunity to see what’s going on.” Gerbert summons Meridiana. “Beware of the witch with the blood with of the lion and the wolf.”

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