The Spanish Princess (S01E05) “Heart Versus Duty”

After a surprising announcement from King Henry VII in the previous episode.

The fifth episode starts by showing Catherine praying to God, in order to find out if she should accept to marry the king and become Queen of England.

Then we jump to a fight between father and son because of Catherine, Harry leaves his father and Margaret Beaufort agrees with the King marrying Catherine.

The King and Catherine share a meal together, that starts awkward but they eventually find a topic to talk about.

By topic I mean the love that King had for his deceased wife. the King even says there’s similarities between Catherine and Lizzie.

After that, there’s a fight between Catherine and Lena her lady in waiting, regarding marriage. Catherine claims that Lena has a duty and if she doesn’t fullfill it she’ll leave Catherine’s household, wich let’s be fair wasn’t really fair from Catherine’s part.

Meanwhile, Margaret Pole’s husband tries to convince her to say what she knows about Catherine and Arthur’s marriage in order to protect their children but Margaret refuses.

Harry goes to see Catherine, trying to prevent her marriage with his father she says that she can’t disobbey the King of England because if she doesn’t she would be sent back to England.

Harry replies she is her mother’s daughter she doesn’t hear a no, she fights.

They end up fighting because Catherine doesn’t know what she wants and Harry leaves her alone.

In the palace, there’s a council about state affairs and the tension between father and son is seen. Including, there are provocations from both sides.

Wich is sad, because no woman should be standing between a father and a son.

Margaret Beaufort pays a visit to her grandson’s chambers, bringing him a lot of girls to him to have fun with (If you know what I mean), then she leaves to pray.

Harry goes to pray with his grandmother, showing that he didn’t fell in temptation and he’s willing to fight against his father for Catherine if she wants him and not his father.

Harry goes to see Catherine again, she says that she must wed his father and Harry says his first “I love you” to her and I just wanna go to the corner and cry right now and then they kiss, before Harry goes.

In the following morning, Lena warns Catherine that Margaret Pole was banished from the court forever and they pay a visit to her.

Margaret says that if Catherine wants to be Queen of England she should wed the king, but she knows Catherine loves Harry… so there is that question again… will it be Heart or Duty?

The princess of Aragon says to Lena that she can marry whoever she wishes to and is willing to offer her a dowry, but she can’t promise to keep her in Catherine’s household, wich was a nice gesture.

Catherine receives a letter from her mother with the consent to her to marry the king and  also informs Catherine about the conditions of  her sister Joanna.

Princess Catherine sends a message to Harry asking him to meet her.

They meet on a field and Catherine answers the question that matters, she choses heart in battle versus duty. Wich let be honest, in those times that would never happen but I’m letting it pass.

Then, Catherine goes to see the King who is happy to have received Catherine’s mother consent to their wedding, but he asks the princess if he has her consent aswell at what Catherine gives him a lot of reasons why their marriage wouldn’t benefit either England or Spain.

And then… he realizes… Catherine wants to marry Harry. She continues trying to convince him that the alliance between Spain and England would be better if the wedding happened between her and Harry. The conversation ends after the King leaves her alone in the room. Maybe he did it realizing the girl was right.

The King informs her, Harry and Margaret Beaufort that he withdrew his marriage proposal and Catherine was now engaged to the Prince of Wales but they could only marry after the dispensation of the pope and after Castille sends the dowry.

The episode ends in a tragic way, with the death of Margaret Pole’s husband.

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