The Spanish Princess (S01E06) “A polite kidnapping”

The sixth episode starts a few weeks after the last.

Catherine is writing another letter to her mother the Queen of Castille, asking for her dowry but heartbreaking news come Queen Isabelle of Castille has died and there’s a new queen, Joanna. Catherine’s older sister.

The new mission is to convince the new Queen to give the dowry to Catherine.

Luckily or not, the Queen and her husband stop in England on their way to Castille. The two sisters reunite for the first time in years.

We can see the fight Joanna battles inside her, it is hard to be a Queen  and rule when the man next to you doesn’t respect you. We can see already her mind isn’t well.

But anyways, Joanna meets Harry who Catherine claims to be different from other men and Joanna starts showing some interest on her sister’s man and I think drama will come regarding this subject but we’ll see.

Besides this I must highlight the little romantic moments between Harry and Catherine they were the cutest, and in the other hand, the saddest moments were to see Margaret Pole, a former lady from court now fell in disgrace and also the spontaneous abortion that Lady Rose, one of the lady in waiting from Catherine suffered.

It was really sad

But anyways that’s all for today

See you soon

Love, Jo(@living4series)