A Discovery Of Witches (S01E04)


It was written by Kate Brooke and Tom Farrelly. It was produced by Dominic Barlow and directed by Alex Troughton.

So many complications to be dealt with in this episode. Matthew De Claremont (Matthew Goode) and Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) have arrived in France. The tone in the beginning of this episode differs from the elation ending we witnessed in episode 3. (“You Can Go Your Own Way” the clasping of their hands. Symbolizing them coming together. A totally different emotion is being evoked now.) It’s hard not help but sense an uneasiness between them. They make light conversation in the car to “his house”. Diana notices all the creatures in the town. “Vampires are always safer in their community.” – Matthew explains to her. The all-important issue is: “Does your mother know you’re brining me?” – Diana. Matthew of course tells her yes.

“Eternity’s a long time to be chasing a man who doesn’t want you.” – Miriam

Let’s cut to the chase: Miriam Sheppard (Aiysha Hart) is one bad mofo! Personally, I would never want to meet her in a dark alley and be her adversary. When Marcus Whitmore (Edward Bluemel) decides to check Matthew’s rooms to make sure things are copasetic. He’s met by the crazy Juliette Durand (Elarica Johnson). She is inside searching Matthew’s belongings. Marcus never hangs his phone up the entire time. Meanwhile, little does Juliette know that Miriam is on the line. She knows something is up and heads there like a bat out of hell! Where she proceeds to open a can of whoop-ass on crazy Juliette. The fight is not even a second. Miriam gets her down and out of there. I must admit Juliette’s wit for words are no match for Miriam’s! Juliette thinks she is taunting Marcus. I have news for you, Juliette. You’re not ever getting what you want. It’s time to face the hard and truthful facts. Juliette tries to come back with a weak: “Always getting someone else to fight your battles…” to Marcus. Proceeded by the slap down of the episode. Miriam tells Juliette as she is leaving: “Eternity’s a long time to be chasing a man who doesn’t want you.” Score Team Miriam again. Juliette leaves giving Miriam a scowl.

The one and only: Ysabeau De Claremont.
We see a woman elegantly dressed waiting outside the entrance to Sept-Tours.  The one and only Ysabeau De Claremont. (Lindsay Duncan) Basing off first impressions, Ysabeau is not pleased that Matthew is bringing someone home. Her response to Diana off the bat is frosty. Diana thanks Ysabeau for letting her stay there. Ysabeau answers her in French.
“Warm bloods only know the new French.” – Ysabeau De Claremont
Oh, Ysabeau that was indeed a back handed swipe. She knows that this “warm blood” named Diana is extremely significant to her son. Why else would he bring her to Sept-Tours? We can wonder that Ysabeau seeing Matthew and Diana together, reminded her what she had with her mate, Phillippe. Ysabeau is a sharp woman. It does not take her long to figure out the “mating signs”. Marthe (Sorcha Cusack) on the other hand was extremely hospitable and welcoming. Ysabeau asks Matthew “Do you know what you are getting us into?” I loved Matthew’s answer. “You were always a renegade.” So, we learn mama De Claremont follows her own rules.

“Diana didn’t kill Philippe.” “Her kind killed him. Nobody else.” – Ysabeau
Ysabeau doesn’t like Matthew’s “mate” because she is a witch. These upsets and triggers them both in different ways. Is it right of Ysabeau to dislike Diana because of who she is? Certainly not. Matthew cannot understand why she is hesitant to give Diana a chance. Matthew tells his mother how much Diana reminds him of her “brave and open minded.” Not a single soul has entered Philippe’s office since his death. He wants to use it for his work. Grief is a horrible thing. Anyone who has experienced it knows what I mean. You cannot help but detect the immense pain and sadness, Ysabeau is radiating in this scene. She reluctantly hands over the key to her son. All at once, the weight of the bereavement is real again. You relive those moments coming at you in flashes. It hits you hard like equivalent of part yourself dying with them. Matthew leans down on the desk with both hands. A constant aching knowing that Phillippe who he loved and revered is gone. You see Ysabeau peering from the outside looking in. As if not a single thing was moved or changed. The room was frozen in time almost like a shrine. Ysabeau and Matthew show why they are master class actors in this scene.

Let’s talk about the witches.
After Matthew and Diana’s enchanted horse back ride. (Which I genuinely enjoyed!) Their “gravitational pull” which is undeniable, showing how much they love each other. He decides to tell Diana about his findings. She feels unwanted by Ysabeau in her home. Matthew advises against her going home to her coven. She will not be safe there. You’ll notice a slight change in Matthew’s demeanor when he is trying to protect her or show concern. We all know that Diana is tenacious when she sets her mind to something. He explains how he been researching her parents death. The pictures that Knox sent her. Witches killed them. The pain she’s feeling is very real though. Her own kind killed her parents. Knox be afraid. Be very afraid.

Your ringtone has changed. – Sarah
Aunt Sarah Bishop (Alex Kingston) is ready to ring the alarm! Diana is not picking up her phone. Sarah and Em (Valarie Pettiford) have grown exceptionally worried. Finally, Diana answers her phone. “Your ringtone has changed.” – Sarah tells Diana. (Wow! How would she know her ringtone has changed?? She clairvoyant, I am guessing.) Diana explains to her aunt’s she’s in France with Matthew. They are staying at his mother’s house. Which really sets off Sarah! “Ysabeau De Claremont? The witch killer?!!!” Sarah goes onto explain who Ysabeau destroyed many witch covens in the 50’s and 60’s. Diana needs to get out of their pronto. Diana goes onto explain Knox was out to get her. He wants the book. Em tells Diana she was right to get out of there. Diana is staying in France with Matthew. She is not worried about Ysabeau.

I’ll bring this meeting to order. – Baldwin
Apparently, conspirator-in- chief, Peter Knox (Owen Teale) has called an emergency meeting of the congregation. Matthew De Claremont has kidnapped a witch. (Stop lying, Peter!) Gerbert (Trevor Eve) is loving every minute of this. He wants Matthew brought in immediately for punishment. Agatha (Tanya Moodie) wants to know what this is all about. I just love Baldwin (Trystan Gravelle) when he says, “the lineage has been distinguished” … Shall we call him the: “Master of Deflection”. She has the “Book of Life”. The gasps in that room. They want Diana brought in for questioning. Gerbert acting like the “godfather” says they’ll send Domenico. He’ll get the job done. Or so they think…
Defcon One: Baldwin calling.
Baldwin immediately calls Marcus. Matthew has kidnapped a witch, Diana Bishop. Miriam is listening to the entire conversation with her superhuman hearing. “Does he want to start a war?” – Baldwin. Oh Baldwin, you know your brother better than anyone else. (Exception: Ysabeau.) Matthew’s not letting Diana go to you or anyone. He demands Marcus tell him everything… He warns them that a congregation member is going to Sept-Tours.
“What spell have you put on me. – Matthew
How much did you love the dance scene? I absolutely enjoyed it for the fact, it shows how in sync and in love they are. Matthew becomes much more relaxed in Diana’s company. He dances with maman first, always the gentlemen. Then with Diana. You realize how much they mean to each other. She gets this “shimmer” flowing through he body as they are dancing. I wonder if this is what Sophie (Aisling Loftus) meant when she was talking with Agatha. The mating hasn’t started yet… They go for a walk after dinner.
“That’s the first time I’ve seen you enjoying your magic.” – Matthew
“I’m glad it’s happening when I’m with you.” – Diana
You could see the building of anticipation between them… Matthew sweeps Diana into this rapturous kiss. There is such longing and desire in this kiss. The entire placement of their touching each other plays a significant part. He grabs her face and pulls her into him. They are becoming one. The “Dark Prince” and his “White Queen”. Matthew is in love with Diana, he is finally realizing what is happening to him.
“It’s not about the book, is it? It’s about her. You’re breaking the covenant.” – Domenico Michele.
After the kissing scene, they are walking on the property. Matthew loves sharing stories with Diana. I get such         ’feels’ in this scene, he holds her hand and she is not letting go of his. They’re sharing a moment and starting a life together. We can say without any reservations, they are mating… She wraps both of her hands around his as they walk. The connection between them is the strongest I’ve witnessed yet. Of course, this is a T.V. series and they need to build the drama and angst angle. Their moment of happiness is short-lived. Instantaneously, Matthew sense someone on the grounds. He tells Diana to go into the house.
“I’m not going anywhere.” – Diana
Matthew puts Diana behind him. His protector mode is kicking in. This will not do. She is his equal and she stands side to side with him. This is her choice; she loves Matthew as much as he loves her. Domenico (Gregg Chillin) has come for the book. Diana tells him she doesn’t have it. The congregation can get it themselves. You see a slight smirk on Matthew’s face. Diana is so brave and courageous. You could picture Matthew’s thinking: “Yeah, that is my fierce, strong and independent woman.” It was not long after this Matthew shields Diana behind him. It was not a moment later, Ysabeau and Marthe appear.
“You know the consequences.” – Domenico
“Yes, I do.” – Matthew
“Matthew, please don’t do this.” – Ysabeau
Matthew tells Ysabeau and Marthe to take Diana into the house. In a flash, Matthew is attacking Domenico. Diana looks back and see what Matthew is doing.
“We are bound together. My magic started coming out when I met YOU.” – Diana
Diana learns about the covenant. Marthe explains that Philippe created it so no species could become too powerful. No cross-species mating. Therefore, Matthew and Diana cannot be together. She is a witch and he’s a vampire. Diana doesn’t care about the covenant. Marthe tells her it has never been broken. Things got really complicated in a hot minute. Ysabeau and Matthew come back into the house. He is gone, he won’t be coming back. (Meaning Domenico.) “They will not bother us anymore. We will not break the covenant.” – Matthew tells Diana. She is not having any of this. She moves towards him. Matthew is trying his hardest to push her away. “You don’t know me. You don’t know anything about me.” – Matthew. Such a silly boy. It’s too late now. Diana tells Matthew to “STOP.” He gets a phone call. Someone has broken into the lab. He must go back to Oxford immediately. Diana tells Matthew in front of everyone “I love you.” He tells her very lowly “You know how I feel.” This was a heartbreaking moment. He tells his maman to guard Diana with her life. Ysabeau agrees. He’s leaving and Diana tries to go after him. Suddenly, rain is falling from the sky.(Only in front of Sept-Tours where Diana is standing.) Ysabeau and Marthe cannot believe what they are witnessing. Witch water. Diana is indeed is causing this to happen.
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