The Spanish Princess (S01E07) “All is Lost”

Here I am to another review and I am nervous because the next episode is the last one, wich I haven’t seen yet and there’s a lot of things to happen yet.

But anyways Catherine learns that Mary, youngest sister of Harry is to marry  her nephew Charles and Harry is to marry her niece Eleanor and either of this weddings really happened..

This is pure fiction to make what? You guessed it.. drama! 

Harry   doesn’t appear a lot in this episode, therefore there is no “real” scene between him and Catherine. I missed him. But we still got two scenes with him

In the first one, he appears praying and  torn between his duty to marry Eleanor and his desire to marry Catherine.

In the second one, he appears in Catherine’s dream well I should say nightmare where he informs her that he’s marrying her niece and I must say… that I really enjoyed this scene it felt so real. It showed the real Henry VIII… at least what stayed in History about him.

Catherine’s father Ferdinand writes  a letter to Catherine informing that her brother-in-law,  Philip has died and Joanna has gone crazy so he is now the  guardian to her  children and Castile’s regent.

Ferdinand makes Catherine Aragon ambassador to England and promises her dowry wich means no more wedding between Eleanor and Harry I felt relieved seriously.

Catherine’s new status allows her and her remaining lady-in-wait  to move back into the palace. But that doesn’t mean that she gets to see Harry…. well I guess the reunion will happen in the next episode huh?

That’s all for now.

See you soon.

Love, Jo (@living4series)