‘A Discovery Of Witches’ (S01E05)

This episode was written by Charlene James and Deborah Harkness. It was directed by Alice Troughton and directed by Dominic Barlow.
Rules are Rules.
Miriam (Aiysha Hart), Marcus (Edward Bluemel) and Matthew (Matthew Goode) meet up at ‘All Souls’. The two go over the details with Matthew. Their servers are impenetrable. It seems nothing was taken. Instanteously, Matthew wants to know if they got near Diana’s vials. The intruder never got close! They all head to the lab. Matthew is not fooling Miriam. She knows the signs of mating. She’s mated once. “Your mating with a witch.” They never had attention brought onto the lab until Matthew decided to be with Diana. ‘Traitor and Rat Fink extraordinaire’ Gillian (Louise Brealey) has messed up for the final time. He knows it was you, Gillian! He smells her sent all over the lab. Sees everything you were looking for. (But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for…Gillian!) No one breaks into Matthew’s secret lab without paying the price. Miriam and Marcus try to stop him from leaving. Oh no…
Marcus sends out a BAT SIGNAL to Baldwin (Trystan Gravelle). As Miriam’s blends into background listening to everything. (That supernatural vampire hearing comes in handy!). Our resident rebel and shot caller Matthew Clairmont will live his life as he wants. Marcus informs Baldwin that Matthew is fighting the mating signs. (It’s too late baby, now it’s too late…) It isn’t this about the ‘Book of Life’ anymore? Baldwin asks. Sort of. Maybe. Not. (We need a magic eight ball to answer that.) Ysabeau (Lindsay Duncan) thinks he’ll abide by the rules of the covenant. He’s just fighting it. Diana (Teresa Palmer) is at Sept-Tours with Ysabeau and Matthew is back here in Oxford. Hunting for payback. Baldwin tells Marcus in no uncertain terms, “If he breaks the rules, he pays the price. Matthew always finds a way to bring everyone down with him.”
Prey: Ysabeau vs. Matthew:
This was a remarkably interesting juxtaposition of stalking prey. Matthew waits outside Gillian’s apartment to find out exactly what she taken from the lab. His blood rage kicks in. Matthew taunts Gillian. “Jealousy and preferment.” He knows exactly why she came. On orders of Peter Knox (Owen Teale). He wants the truth, what exactly did she take. Taking one’s blood is the only way to find out. He drains her but not completely. Finding out precisely what she came for. He’s seeing her memories. She’s taken pictures of the secure cabinets. Snooping around to see what exactly they’re doing in the lab. Taking loads of pictures with her phone. ‘Traitor/Rat Fink extraordinaire’ cannot get access to the blood vials. Mission not accomplished! Matthew leaves her laying on the sidewalk… (still alive!) Ysabeau on the other hand wants to show Diana (Teresa Palmer) what the true nature of vampires necessitates. She takes her out into the woods. Warns her to stay by the horses… (you know she’ll confuse her scent with what she’s hunting…) Ysabeau takes off at such stealth-like speed for the human eye to catch. Diana is wondering where she is. Suddenly you hear an animal screech. Ysabeau is draining the blood from a mink. This doesn’t frighten Diana off. She loves Matthew damn it! Marthe (Sorcha Cusack) thought it wouldn’t work either… Ysabeau thinks what she shows Diana next would seal the deal. They proceed into the town, where Matthew lived in as a human. He built this church. His father was a stone mason and Matthew his apprentice. They enter the church, Ysabeau, quite bluntly tells her, Diana’s life is fleeting, and Matthew will have to go on without her, when she dies… They will never have children. Diana is awe of what Matthew created. Our girl spots a memorial. ‘Blanca and Lucas’. She asks Ysabeau who they were. When he was still human Matthew was married to Blanca. They had a son named Lucas. A deadly sickness overcame the village. Both Blanca and Lucas died. Matthew didn’t want to go on without them. Supposedly happening when Matthew jumped from the top of church. Ysabeau wanting a child, sired him.
Satu has plans:
Satu (Malin Buska) has this foolhardy plan to attain Diana. What does she want to do you ask? Satu throws an idea out there about working against Baldwin with the other vampires. (ABSOLUTE CRAZINESS! If you ask me.) This idea is wrong! Peter (Owen Teale) puts her on notice: “Domenico (Gregg Chillin) is a sneak. AND Gerbert… Gerbert (Trevor Eve) is unspeakable. He’s kept a witch in his thrall for centuries…” You think this idea would discourage her? (NO WAY JOSE!) She asks Peter about doing an “opening spell” … He tells her: The spell affects the spellcaster as well. It’s too risky. Never play with dark magic. (ANVIL!) This still doesn’t deter her….
Daemons Anonymous and Witches encouragement:
Nate (Daniel Ezra) is finally achieving his dream. Uniting the daemons and having a meeting in a public place. Sophie (Aisling Loftus) goes to see her husband. She had a premonition! Agatha (Tanya Moodie) and Diana were there. Hold up, wait so was her Dad! (Jaws drop wide open.) Her father is telling her. “I have to tell the truth.” Haikus and all that jazz. It’s time to figure out this jigsaw puzzle. Sophie tells Nate, we must tell your Mom, Agatha the truth. What I am. What our baby is… Diana places a phone call to her aunts. Aunt Sarah (Alex Kingston) and Em (Valarie Pettiford) are so happy to hear from her. They want updates! Diana shares with them, she loves Matthew. This venetian vampire showed up on the de Claremont lands. Questioning Matthew and Diana about the book and the covenant. Diana has no idea what it existed. Aunt Sarah and Em explain, that she survived her life as a human, not as a witch. Diana was blissfully ignorant of living out her life without magic in it. That’s the main reason why her aunts never discussed it with her. Although, they tell her, the covenant was created a long time ago to prevent interspecies mating. It never stopped Sarah and Emily from being together. Nothing is going to stop them. 
Sage Advice from an old friend:

Matthew is telling Hamish all the things he is adores about Diana. She’s Intelligent, she’s brave…
“And do you love her?” – Hamish
[Oh, Christ, Matthew.]
“You’ll fear she’ll come to know your past? I know it and still love you.” – Hamish
“But in many things, you like to control, love is not one of them. If you love her, then don’t let anything get in your way.” – Hamish Osborne
Let’s talk about how much adoration I have for this scene. Hamish (Greg McHugh) is acting as Matthew’s conscience. He’s giving him that push and nudge he so desperately seeks to move onward. The mating has begun and there is no stopping it. Matthew is very much aware. In my mind, Hamish always knew there was something different and special about Diana. The way Matthew spoke of her the first time. “I’m craving her.” It was not said the usual way Matthew spoke of another woman. As if there was a need an anticipation of her. First and foremost, Matthew and Hamish have been friends a long time. There is no bull shit between these two.  Secondly, Matthew went to him to hear another point-of-view. One he could have faith in.
Long Distance call:
Diana’s inside Matthew’s office. She decides to play detective. Sitting down at his desk, begins to get a private view more so of his life. A block with an “L” on it for Lucas. She then opens another draw. “Knights of Lazarus Bethany”. MDCL Matthew de Claremont on a medal.  Ysabeau has clearly shared adequate amount of information. It still doesn’t deter her from loving and wanting to be with him. Her phone rings, it’s Matthew. He asks how her day was with his mother. Of course, Diana tells him she told her many stories. We get a pause in the conversation.
“She thinks you are like Superman or Sir Lancelot.” – Diana
“I try.” – Diana
They talk briefly and then the call ends. You could hear the desire that lingers between them. Matthew goes back to his lab. He wants to retest Diana’s blood. (Two elements already appearing: “Witch Wind” and Witch Water”.) Miriam shows up. Wondering why Matthew’s still there so late? He tested Diana’s blood samples; she has all the genetic markers. They’re both in shock, this is the breakthrough they’ve been waiting for. A continuation of their species.
Marthe informs Diana that he called and is on his way home. She rushes outside to see him.
“Tell me,” she breathes. “- Diana
“If I do, there’s no turning back. You have to understand what that means.”- Matthew
“Ysabeau made me understand. Tell me.” – Diana
“From this moment, we will always be one.” …. (dramatic pause) Diana, I love you.” – Matthew
I adored this scene for so many reasons. The way this exemplified their ‘marriage’. As they link hands their hands together. A representation of becoming one.  When they reach to kiss and embrace a yearning carried a much heftier weight in it. They both know there’s no going back from this moment. (Reminiscent “I am hers. He is mine” wedding vows). Ysabeau watching from inside the mansion grasps the gravity of what has taken place. They enter the mansion. Matthew is holding Diana’s hand for the first time. Matthew is not calling Diana “his friend”. They are one in unison. We here references “Diana and I” for the first time. I loved how Ysabeau declared immeasurably she would not abandon her beloved son. Now she’s gained a daughter. “The women of the de Claremont family defend themselves. You will be no different.”  – Ysabeau.
“Do you thinking lighting a fire and pouring wine will change the situation.” – Ysabeau imparts with Marthe.
Marthe makes a valid point, he loves her. Ysabeau’s worried. The witches will believe Diana turned her back on her own kind. They will come for her. Diana weakness of shunning magic will not be able to protect herself or anyone. Marthe being the calmer voice in this conversation. Tries to assure Ysabeau she will be ready.
Gerbert, Meridiana and Satu:

We get a warning from the head in a box, Meridiana (Chloe Dumas). “Beware the witch with the blood of the lion and the wolf, for with it she shall destroy the children of night.” – Meridiana

“There are two. One light and one dark. One close…” she kept repeating it the prophecy…

This part intrigued me. Meridiana giving Gerbert piece of pertinent information. What he’s wanted to know. Is Diana the witch in the prophecy…? The one arriving now in Venice now is Satu.  Who’s the good witch and who’s the bad one?Another person talking in riddles in rhymes… How it annoys me so.
French Bundling.
Matthew and his soul mate spend a night discussing his latest research. “You have every genetic marker of a witch. Wind, Water and Earth.” Certainly, Diana finds it strange. She never felt connected to magic like her aunts or Gillian. Matthew goes onto tell her in the sexiest voice ever! “Your magic is behaving as if it was in a deep sleep. It wants to get out.” (Someone get me a glass of red wine!) He wants to talk to Diana about Oxford. Thing is Diana doesn’t. The subject of bundling it brought up. Obviously, she knows what it is. Old and very archaic. He wants to court her. They’ve all the time in the world to get to know one another. Matthew’s bedroom voice is too much for this girl to handle. (Me!! ). They start kissing passionately. Diana gets his shirt off. He is lifting her blouse up. It’s what she sees next that brings out the ‘huntress’ in her. “You might not like what you see.” – Matthew. She starts kissing every scar where he was injured. For the first time ever, Matthew’s found the unconditional love he’s been seeking for centuries. Diana loves him and much as he does her. The enormity hits them both. Matthew picks Diana up into ‘their’ bed. (Reminded me of picking up your bride over the threshold.) He begins to satisfy her in all ways of Matthew’s bundling is possible. The satisfaction of pleasing her gives him what he seeks. He’s trying to control himself, never wanting to hurt his wife unintentionally. They blissfully find happiness in these moments. “My love, with you, my life has a beginning, a middle and an end. When your gone my life will be over.” – Matthew. 

What’s going with Domenico and Juliette?
Let’s talk about these two. What was going on inside that club? Sexual tension so thick you could cut it with a knife? I’d say so. Does Domenico despise Matthew because he took what he thought was his? I don’t have any idea. He was certainly in control in this moment. He seeks Juliette (Elarica Johnson) out. She slinks over to him, like a prey to the predator. He tells her Gerbert is disappointed in her.  Or is it you, Domenico? Matthew is in love with a witch. Juliette is ‘fatally attraction convinced’ that Matthew loves her. He’s only using the witch. Domenico asks, “What she is going to do about it? She slinks out of the club and off to find Diana.
Super Bowl Jet Pack!
Satu comes flying into Sept-Tours. (A witch that can fly without a broom. I never knew…) She swoops up Diana from her morning jog. They super bowl jet pack it out of there…

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