The Spanish Princess (S01E08) “Destiny” review and what to expect from Season 2

Last episode of season 1 of “The Spanish Princess” starts with the death of the King, Henry VII… wich means there’s a new king in the house, the Prince of Wales now Henry VIII.

But he’s not in the palace, and the person who gives him the news is Catherine.

Harry  returns to the palace and reaffirms his desire to marry Catherine.

Lady Beaufort , while acting as regent, accuses Edmund Dudley of treason (for her own illegal activities) and he is beheaded.

Harry pardons Maggie Pole and her children and they return to court.

Lady Beaufort extracts a forced confession from Lina about Catherine’s virginity by accusing Oviedo (her fiancée) of theft and demanding his hanging.

Lina and Oviedo marry before his hanging, but thankfully the new King and Catherine arrive and order them to stop in time.

After that, Harry learns the Pope granted a dispensation sometime before Henry’s death.

Lady Beaufort is isolated and ends up dying alone.

On their wedding day, Catherine receives a letter from Ferdinand, her father, stating Harry slept with Joanna, her sister, when she visited England.

Harry denies it, but I do believe even though they didn’t show it it happened.

Harry asks Catherine again if  she slept with Arthur and she denies.

And the episode ends with a  big cliffhanger.

About the second season, that will air next year let me just say first that I was very happy to hear about it renewal.

Starz! added a second part with 8 more episodes to finish the story of Catherine and what can we expect or hope from this second part?

Their wedding and wedding night, with Harry realizing Catherine isn’t a virgin.

Catherine announcing her first pregnancy, making Harry delightful.

Catherine several miscarriages with Harry comforting her, and then becoming more distant, dealing with grief and believing his marriage is indeed cursed.

Her fifth pregnancy going well and she giving birth to Mary, wich Harry is delighted to hold in his arms Catherine apologizes him for not being a boy and he tells her that it’s fine, they will have boys.

The last two miscarriages, Harry meeting Anne Boleyn, and the fall of Catherine of Aragon.

So that’s everything I hope to see in the second season (or part) whatever you prefer to call it. For now, that’s all from me.

Thank you for sticking up with me and I hope you continue with me for the following season.

See you when more details of the upcoming season come!

That’s all for today

Love, Jo (@living4series)