Krypton (S02E06) “In Zod We Trust”

Krypton delivers yet another intriguing episode filled with twists and surprises. Let’s start with a quick recap.

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After murdering Lyta (Georgina Campbell) on a live broadcast, Jax-Ur (Hannah Waddingham) gets challenged by Val (Ian McElhinney) who is not pleased with what she’s done. Jax ends up being detained and the rebels take Val’s side. Val apologizes to Dru-Zod (Colin Salmon) who demands Jax be brought to Kandor to face punishment. However, Jax escapes with some gravity bombs which she plants on the space elevator. After catching up to Jax, Val gets convinced by Jax to blow up the space elevator since it is the only way for the rebellion to continue to survive. Although Val admits that the people of Krypton owe Jax a great debt for all she has done, Val told her to go as she could not be a part of the rebellion anymore.

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After being saved by Seg (Cameron Cuffe), Dev (Aaron Pierre), and Jayna (Ann Ogbomo), Nyssa (Wallis Day) visits Zod to exchange the Codex (which now have a failsafe planted by Val) with Cor-Vex. Zod proposes that she work with him, however, Nyssa takes down the barrier wall and jumps out onto Seg’s waiting skimmer. However, the skimmer was damaged and Seg resorted to accepting Brainiac’s (Blake Ritson) help. After they have arrived in the Outlands, Brainiac tries to convince Seg that the only way he could defeat Zod is if he helps Seg.  The episode ended with Dru-Zod aiming the new untested Codex weapon at Doomsday inside a cave.

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Credit: Syfy

After watching the previous episode, I was in-denial that Lyta was dead. However, after watching this episode, it seems like she is still dead for good. It’s sad how we never really got to see the real Lyta in this season. Jayna never got her reunion with her daughter and the last time she saw her, they weren’t on good terms. Lyta’s death proves that Krypton is a risk-taking show where no one is safe. This certainly makes the show more thrilling.

Val and Jax’s relationship is something that has intrigued me over the past episodes. They are opposites of each other but also the complement of each other. Both of them know that they need each other, but Val couldn’t stand idly by anymore after Jax killed Lyta, which is understandable. However, even when one has betrayed the other, it is obvious that both of them still love and admire each other. The scene when Val tells Jax to go and find herself was beautiful and the perfect send-off to her character. I sincerely hope that this is not the last time we will be seeing Jax.

What I’m very interested in seeing more is Seg and Brainiac. To what extent is Seg going to give control to Brainiac? What is Brainiac’s endgame? Blake Ritson delivers a spectacular performance as Brainiac and I can’t wait to see more of him.