Pennyworth premieres


The origin story of a supporting player in a larger story that hasn’t started yet, the series about Batman’s future butler Alfred Pennyworth in his younger days in  1960s London. He’s a former British SAS soldier who starts a security company with Thomas Wayne.

The series is set in the post-war where a bloodthirsty U.K. walks by pilloried petty criminals and watches leather-clad agents perform executions that aren’t just public, but broadcast on TV. Two shadowy organizations battle for the soul of the country: one fascist, the other socialist.

There’s friction between the sinister upper crust of England, with its not-so-secretive cabal led by Lord Harwood, and the well-to-do do-gooders of America. The latter team up with a group on the other end of things, as Alfred and his supersoldier buddies Dave Boy and Bazza are recruited to slaughter a militia’s worth of baddies during their various adventures, like saving Alfred’s girlfriend Esmé.

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