The Boys (S01E02) “Cherry”

There is something intriguing about watching a show where the “good guys” are anything but. The Boys pushes that envelope, and it works. A refreshing take on the life and times of super-humans. Darkness does exist, and it’s in the hearts and minds of the corrupted “Vought”.

There is no going back

Hughie (Jack Quaid) finds himself tangled up in an inescapable web. The blinders have been ripped off, and there is no going back to the boring life he used to know. He starts to grow a backbone as the anger and pain begin to propel him forward. The world is full of evil, but who else will stop it if the heroes are the one causing chaos? This is where Billy (Karl Urban) and his “expertise” comes in handy.

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Time to face the world head on. (Photo: IMDB)

A-Train (Jesse T. Usher) must pay for his transgressions, in order for that to happen, they need to have some sort of incriminating evidence against him. Even though the plan isn’t foolproof, they need to try. At one time, Hughie would’ve tucked tail and ran, but something primal is rising inside of him. Backing down isn’t an option, so he becomes a willing pawn in a bigger game. Unfortunately for him, the system is flawed and so is he. A mistake brings him face to face with Translucent (Alex Hassel), one of the powerful Seven.

Fortunately for Hughie, Billy is there to intercept the ass-kicking from Translucent. Rendering the hero unconscious. He is a powerful being, boasting to be invincible, but everyone has their weaknesses. Their faces are known, and they must do everything in their limited power to survive through a looming catastrophe. Thankfully Billy has a few aces up his sleeves, one in the guise of Frenchie (Tomer Capon), a brilliant madman with out of the box thinking.

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There’s no problem “The Boys” can’t fix. (Photo: IMDB)
Business is good

Super-humans have become a top-grossing business. One that needs to follow strict guidelines. There are appearances to be made and people to be saved, only if it is on their terms. Starlight (Erin Moriarty) is starting to realize that being one of the chosen isn’t exactly what she anticipated. This comes to light when she tries to save a young woman from her attackers, only to be reprimanded and belittled for her “careless” actions. The world is always watching.

It is made clear early on in the series that Madelyn (Elisabeth Shue) is vicious. She will stop at nothing to protect her brand and the heroes who swell the ranks of Vought. Blackmail, murder, threats, nothing is out of the realm of possibilities. Her power over the seven is made abundantly clear, and their reverie (or is it fear) of her position isn’t taken lightly. There is a method behind her madness, the control of super-humans will eventually bring her control to the world. A true evil mastermind.

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Her way, or no way. (Photo: IMDB)
Blurring the lines between good and evil

The hero of the hour, everyone’s favourite is also the most deranged. Homelander (Antony Starr) may be their poster boy, but he is deeply disturbed. He means well, but his notions are misplaced. There is something sick and sadistic about his way of “dealing” with problems that arise. This is proven when he decides to take matters into his own hands, causing an unfortunate “accident” to a prominent, person of power. Showing that his misguided actions can have big consequences. Someone like him is left running scared, it makes you question the atrocities committed by those in charge.

Transulcent’s disappearance is on their radar, but not the top priority. This gives Hughie, Frenchie and Billy time to figure out how to deal with their conundrum. Life and death hang in the balance for all of them. Translucent’s outsides may be indestructible, but his insides are just like everyone else’s, soft and squishy. When there is a will, there is a way, and they certainly found a way “in”. We watch as Hughie unhinges, even more, he is not handling his predicament well. When he is faced with a choice, the hesitation only lingers so much before he pushes the button (not before some valuable information is leaked). Killing a Supe gives him a rush, but it also comes with significant repercussions. Ones we will soon come to know.


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