Krypton (S02E07) “Zods and Monsters”

Doomsday! In this episode, we are finally diving deeper into what Doomsday is and how he came to be. Doomsday was captured by Zod (Colin Salmon) using the new codex weapon which left him unconscious. Zod probed Doomsday’s brain to access his memories. Turns out, Doomsday was a man named Dax (Staz Nair) who has unique genetic mutations which enables him to adapt after being exposed to lethal substances or environments. Two scientists—one Zod and one El, performed experiments on him to make him invulnerable.

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Credit: Syfy

After episodes of subtle Doomsday appearances, we are now getting more of him, and I believe that we will continue to see much of him in the next remaining episodes. It’s interesting to see the process of how he became what he is today. We learned that his initial purpose was to stop the civil war happening in Krypton during that time. I personally enjoyed seeing the two scientists in this episode. Ironically, the Zod scientist was sympathetic and eventually tried to stop the experiment after seeing Dax get killed and resurrected again and again. Meanwhile, the El scientist seemed emotionless—focused on achieving success.

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Meanwhile,  in Wegthor, Kem (Rasmus Hardiker) leads a team to find the hiding Sagitari, with Adam (Shaun Sipos) tagging along. Most of the rebels wanted to use force and ambush the hiding Sagitari, but Kem disapproved. It turns out, Kem suspects that the Sagitari has been affected by the radioactivity of the tunnels—and he was right. Kem took out and saved all of those weak Sagitari. He has definitely changed over the seasons from being an ordinary rankless to a gifted soldier and I look forward to seeing him spread his wings more.

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Seg (Cameron Cuffe) and Nyssa (Wallis Day) go to the fortress to remove Brainiac (Blake Ritson) from Seg’s brain. With the help of holographic Val (Ian McElhinney), Seg tried a machine that will help remove Brainiac’s nanites. However, Brainiac destroyed the machine which forces Nyssa to do it manually. The attempt was successful! Seg is now in full control and his first wish is to hold his son, Cor-Vex.

Nyssa explains to Seg that she doesn’t want Cor to carry the burden of the Vex name. They decide to rename him Cor-El. However, Val points out the tradition when choosing the El name which requires them to use the first name of an ancestor. Val proposes Seg’s great-grandfather’s name. They accept, and it is revealed that Cor-Vex’s new name is Jor-El. Other than being an emotional scene, this was a treat to fans as Jor-El is Superman’s father.

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The heartwarming scene was then interrupted after Brainiac’s nanites made its way into the fortress’s system. Brainiac commands his ship to come and explains that he no longer wishes to bottle Kandor. Instead, he took Jor. Nyssa and Seg are left devastated after their son had been taken away from them. The entire scene in the fortress was my favorite scene of the episode as it certainly played with emotions numerous times. Both Cameron Cuffe and Wallis Day did a spectacular job. In the next episode, I look forward to seeing how Jor’s abduction affects Nyssa and Seg’s relationship.