‘A Discovery Of Witches’ (S01E06)


What an episode! The episode was written by Charlene James and Deborah Harkness. It was directed by Sarah Walker.

The Satu dilemma:
I’ll admit at times Satu Jarvinen (Malin Buska) has me perplexed. This episode challenges you (as the viewer) to question her loyalties’. What’s her endgame in all this? One could question her character and her ‘morally gray/black” areas. Is it a witch thing? It seems to me that Satu knows more than she is letting on about Diana. Bringing us to the next matter at hand. Diana (Teresa Palmer) has lacked any recognition of her true powers until she met Matthew (Matthew Goode). As he told her in the episode before this, her power was in a long sleep trying to find its way out. (When he said it, in that ever so sexy velvety voice. I couldn’t help but fan myself.) Diana has never wanted any acceptance of belonging to a coven. One could assume, by bringing Diana there is a deliberate intention by Satu to release Diana’s powers? (Remember, “you’re hiding something…” Satu telling Diana, “Ooh. Someone did something to you.”) The presence of her in the abandoned castle ruins gives Satu the chance to see what she’s really made of. It’s giving more credence for Satu to do the “opening spell.” I question Satu’s true motivations. Apparently, she’s not taking heed of Peter Knox’s warning. She brings Diana to Gerbert’s (Trevor Eve) abandoned castle. I believe Satu is cognizant that Diana was spellbound. Who the hell is Satu Jarvinen?
“You don’t need to go through this alone.” – Satu
“I am not alone.” – Diana
Satu implies “the vampire.” She tries to it slant it to Diana, that she needs to protect herself from Matthew?! I mean is she serious? He’s the only one who’s been upfront and honest about everything! We all know Diana initiates her magic with intense emotions. Suddenly, she gets this surge of power from her hand. This is when Satu sees what Diana’s made of. Oh no! You do not Diana use her as a cipher to gain power. Satu grasps just how powerful Diana is. “Ashmole 782” has totally encoded itself in Diana’s DNA.
Let’s all have a laugh at Satu’s next comment to Diana. (chuckles and snorts)
“It’s vital that I help you control your power so you can protect yourself from Clairmont.” – Satu
“Matthew isn’t the one I need protecting from. He isn’t the one holding me against my will.” – Diana
“Matthew deceived you.” – Satu
Reminiscent of Satu’s intimidation tactics in the park. Satu has no idea what Peter Knox did to Gillian Chamberlain (Louise Brealey) or this a baiting tactic. If you ask me, I think either Sylvia (Nila Aalia) or Peter Knox (Owen Teale) took care of Gillian Chamberlain. Matthew did take blood from her to see the truth and protect Diana. Only she tries hyperbolizes the details to try to get Diana to turn on him. We all watched Gillian show up very much alive at Sylvia’s house.
“He only ever wanted the lost manuscript.” – Satu
“That’s not true.” – Diana
“He’ll take what he wants and then he’ll dispose of you, just like he did with Gillian.” – Satu
Again, goading on Diana. She knows deep down; Matthew would never do that to her.
“Relax were both witches, I won’t harm you.” – Satu
Now, what is this about? Satu intends to use the “opening spell” on Diana, regardless. I have no words, Satu you’re despicable.
Gerbert: “I see your true colors shining through.”
“It’s difficult to know when she’s been with de Clermont where her scents begin and his end.” – Gerbert
It’s obvious that Gerbert (Trevor Eve) knows something happened between them. In which I mean “mating”. They’re breaking the covenant rules he witnesses it first-hand. Gerbert now has his fail-safe or so he thinks.
“Is it lust, as well as the book that attracted Matthew to you?” – Gerbert
We all know Matthew has been waiting for Diana many centuries. He thought his “soul mate” would never appear. Feeling as if he was being punished for all the wrongs he did. Again untrue. We knew from the very first episode that Matthew loved Diana. He was waiting for her over the bridge. Extremely well conceptualized by the writers, directors, and producers. When Gerbert elongated his hand down Diana’s body. I wanted to literally vomit. Does he realize or not care, that Matthew will smell his scent? Unhesitatingly, I think he is trying to provoke a reaction and later retaliation from Matthew. Gerbert further tries to sell the “woman we’re always his weakness” trope. Did he forget about the daughter he sired? Juliette (Elarica Johnson) uses her only to his benefit. He discards her when she doesn’t complete his objective. Again, lies from the mouth of a “Machiavellian” type character. I want to get to the bottom of all these ‘strong and powerful’ women being at Peter and Gerbert’s beckoning call. Why do Satu, Gillian, Sylvia, and Juliette automatically believe whatever Peter or Gerbert says? One could compare it to “blind devotion”. Did Knox and Gerbert believe Diana would adhere to his rules? Those two are not highly intelligent.
Satu has warned him. “You’ll get your chance later. That is not what we agreed to.” Gerbert leaves. The torture scenes were filled with anguish. Both Teresa Palmer (Diana) and Malin Buska (Satu) are commanding in these scenes. Satu begins the opening spell. The scene itself was so intense. Satu starts a ring of fire. Progressing onward, by tossing Diana upside down and throws her around. Until Diana fights back. I found it incredibly interesting that Satu branded her with the “Knights of Lazarus” across her back. Were the “Knights of Lazarus” already protecting her from harm because she’s Matthew’s mate? Is it Satu was branding her to be an outcast amongst other witches? At that moment, Satu grasps the reality of the situation, how powerful Diana really is, she survived an opening spell. Both witches were grounded in the ring of fire after Diana fights back. Satu throws her down a hole where we hear Meridiana (Chloe Dumas) letting out a scream of agony. Gerbert knows something went horribly wrong. At this same moment, he hears a helicopter. He confronts Satu. “What did she do to you?” – Gerbert. Satu is drained of all her power. This is when Satu meets Meridiana. She tells her the prophecy. Only to save her not long after, so she could be reunited with her sisters, other witches in the afterlife. She won’t let Gerbert taint her anymore. The last word said to Satu by Meridiana was “weaver.” Of what?
Where is the world is Diana?
The night of perfect bliss and happiness is short-lived. Matthew wakes up and his mate is not beside him. He runs through the estate yelling “Diana”, yet she’s nowhere to be found. His protective feelings kick in on instinct. He doesn’t smell her scent anywhere. Marthe (Sorcha Cusack) says she was not seen all morning. We hear and see Baldwin (Trystan Gravelle) arriving on the estate. He’s come to take Diana back to the congregation for questioning. This is when a full-on combative ruckus breaks out between Matthew and Baldwin. Ysabeau (Lindsay Duncan) and Marthe are calmly standing in the background letting it play out.
“To protect the de Clermont’s, I will disown you.” – Baldwin
“Where is she?” – Matthew
Matthew proceeds to attack Baldwin by biting him in the neck. He’s letting his true intentions be known to his brother. He’ll always choose Diana and she is his family now. He’s completely distraught by the taking of his mate. He’ll kill Baldwin if he had anything to do with Diana’s kidnapping. The only thing that matters to him at this moment is her. Diana is the calming force that centers Matthew. Only when he is with her does everything make sense. He must get her back no matter the consequences… The feeling that they’ve both just finally found each other and mated, only makes this situation worse.
“Is this witch really worth going to war against our own for?” – Baldwin
“YES! Now, help me.” – Matthew (He pounds his fist on the table.)
Baldwin without question helps his brother. One could suggest he’s doing it for his own respectability and prominence in the congregation. Or he’s genuinely helping his family. Honestly, I believe it’s a little of both.
“Diana. She’s in pain.” – Em.
What I’d love to know is, how did Em (Valarie Pettiford) decide to scrawl up a spell assessing that Diana’s missing? I’ll chalk it up to “witches intuition”. She screams for Sarah (Alex Kingston). The phone at the right moment, it’s Matthew.
“I see Diana, she’s in pain.” – Em
This leads up to Em and Sarah giving details on a possible location for her rescue. Em tells him, she’s in darkness, with 2 figures, abandoned ruins. The look that Ysabeau gives Matthew is one of “I know where they took her.” Matthew then looks at his mother with a tilt of his head. (I swear Matthew Goode is Matthew de Claremont. He can emote in ways I have never seen.) Where is she, Maman? The only area remotely close is “La Pierre”, Matthew deduces. Witches can’t fly long distances, Marthe notes. This must be the location where she’s was taken. “Gerbert held a witch in thrall there for centuries.” – Ysabeau. Baldwin then tells his brother the quickest way to get there is by air. They get into the helicopter to rescue Diana.
Our love is in jeopardy, baby.
Sophie (Aisling Loftus) gets a call from her MIL, Agatha (Tanya Moodie). Agatha wants to know more about the witch. Sophie, of course, wants to know who she is! Agatha thinks it’s a mistake to have contacted her. She does tell Sophie her name, Diana Bishop. Sophie goes on more “she’s with her dark prince right now. In the castle with five towers. The mating hasn’t begun yet.” Agatha warns Sophie to stay away from her, she’s trouble. They have no idea what they are in store for.
“You said you’d tell me a story… But only the good parts.” – Diana
Diana is marvelous in these scenes. She can depict herself as adult Diana and child Diana. A hard balance to strike. Her ability to recognize her mother as a child, while being in this dreamlike state is truly impressive. She’s been breaking free bit by bit from being spellbound. This is the final stage. I love how the writers/showrunners layered this part of the story. We suddenly become witness to the good and bad parts of this story weaved for Diana by her parents. The first time she’s kissing her dark prince, Matthew. While other parts of the story, we see confrontations with Domenico (Greg Chillin) while they were strolling the lands of the estate. We see Peter Knox and the witch wind. Satu harassing her. Gillian (Louise Brealey) deceitful ways. The exact moment, Matthew decided he couldn’t fight his feelings anymore, initiating kissing her for the first time. We witness to these flashbacks like a movie.
Diana then gets up and sees her mother, Rebecca (Sophia Myles). “Time to wake up,” Rebecca says. They are inexplicably connected, Matthew and Diana. She wakes from the dream state, hearing Matthew yelling “I’m coming down!” Which Baldwin vehemently disagrees with. “No Matthew! You’ll get down, but you won’t be able to get her back out.” She tries to fly up to him. While focusing she is reliving all the good and bad parts. Except for the link that binds her and Matthew.
“Magic is in the heart. Fly.” – Rebecca Bishop
Her father tells her. “Magic is in the heart. Don’t forget.” – Stephen Proctor (David Newman)
“I can’t get down to you, Diana.” “Fly.” – Matthew
Diana begins flying up. She heeded both her parent’s words. She’s flying up the shaft. Matthew and Baldwin both look on in disbelief of what’s taking place. It’s when Diana reaches Matthew that he’s relieved. Both Matthew and Baldwin lift her out, then fly the hell out of there.
“I’m glad you’re safe.” – Ysabeau.
When they arrive back to Sept-Tours, Ysabeau regards her with a new tenderness.
Also, it’s the first time Ysabeau uses the word “safe” in relation to Diana. This is her home now. There is safety in it. Matthew tells Diana when they first arrive at Sept-Tours that Vampires, much like Witches, find safety with their own kind. (Remember E4?) Diana is one of the family now, one of them.
“I’ll never let you go again.” – Matthew
Diana realizes that she’s home when she is with her mate. They share an immense sense of attachment to each other. They’re connected on a cosmic level now. Experiencing this traumatic event brings them even closer. We peel another layer off, witnessing Matthew’s suffering being away from her little less than a day. The air of closeness as they find comfort in one another. They go up to their bedroom, where Matthew tends to her wounds.
“You showed such strength, ma lionne.” – Matthew
Satu wanted to take Diana apart to see her true power, that however was not fulfilled. Matthew’s guttural reaction is one of wanting to hunt down and kill Satu. Clearly, Diana is in way too much physical pain, he stops tending to her wounds. Suggesting she take his arm, so he can bring her to their bed. When he grabs her, she is winces in immense pain. She tells Matthew, Ysabeau, and Marthe, she did something to me. When Matthew begins cutting off her shirt, they see the “Knights of Lazarus” symbol seared on her back. Marthe says: “Marie, Mere de Dieu”. As if they are all in aghast of what they’ve seen. Diana always brave wants to see her back. Matthew kisses her on the head. Slowly turning her to see it. (I must be honest. I love the sincerity Matthew shows with these forehead kisses.)
When she sees what was done to her. Diana isn’t in shock. She tells Matthew and the family, that Satu failed at opening her up. Diana realizes that she endured an opening spell that killed her parents. “Team Villains” did not get the best of her. Matthew suggests she eat something. Followed up with Diana bluntly asking if he killed Gillian.
“I should have killed her for betraying you. I spared her life. I will not make that mistake again.” – Matthew
He goes onto to tell Diana; he will kill anyone who harms her. She knows this. It’s riveting television, friends. They both shared the same oath right before the mating scene, in their bedroom. The enormity in getting the same reaction from her must have been so fulfilling.
Baldwin leaves the estate, not before warning the newly mated couple. “You put up a helluva fight.” He goes onto to tell them; the congregation will be looking for them. They should find courage in each other strength. Telling Diana, until we meet again….

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