Krypton (S02E08) “Mercy”

After watching this episode, we should know by now that Krypton never ceases to surprise its viewers. The episode starts with a world where Seg (Cameron Cuffe) and Lyta (Georgina Campbell) is living happily ever after. But… Lyta’s dead, right? Turns out that she isn’t!

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Credit: Syfy

As revealed in this episode, Lyta has been locked in her own mind—living in a fantasy where her life is perfect—thanks to the Black Mercy. The Lyta who was executed on live broadcast was actually her clone. Ever since her death, I’ve been hoping that she would come back in some way and now that she’s back, I am very grateful. Although, I think that it would’ve been interesting if she had stayed dead. It would’ve implied that no character is safe and add a level of risk into the show.

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Credit: Syfy

Lyta’s reunion with the others was very touching. Especially with Seg. I would like to point out how Nyssa (Wallis Day) reacted after Seg and Lyta embraced each other. There’s something subtle in her expression which may indicate that a part of her is sad or maybe jealous? Perhaps she would’ve wanted for her and Seg to be together? However, I think that Nyssa and Seg have their own special relationship, thanks to their son Jor-El. They obviously care for each other deeply and I expect for it to go on without requiring them to be romantically involved.

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Credit: Syfy

We see Dru-Zod (Colin Salmon) attempt to brainwash Doomsday and make him susceptible to Zod’s commands. However, in order to do that they would need an out-of-this-world toxin. Then Zod showed his scientist the Black Mercy along with its host—Lyta. His extraction of the toxin is what actually caused Lyta to be able to realise that the world that she is living is fake.

We also discover that Seg’s vision of Zod strangling Lyta is, in fact, true. Lyta’s disagreement with Zod led to her being put down under the Black Mercy toxin and being replaced by a clone. Before she was taken down, we see Lyta argue and try to convince Zod to find a better way in executing his plan. In my opinion, Lyta and Zod have an interesting dynamic. Lyta often appeals to him in a motherly way, and it always feels weird for me because visually they do not seem like mother and son. Also, I feel that they lack the chemistry.

Overall, this was another fun and interesting episode of Krypton. It’s nice to see our beloved characters reuniting and teaming up to defeat Zod. The next step is for them to meet with the Wegthor gang.