The Boys (S01E05) “Good for the Soul”

What’s the saying? The righteous shall inherit the earth? Well, in this case, the elite, sadistic super human’s have that one covered. The Boys certainly have their hands full, between evil corporate entities and malicious supes out for blood, nowhere is safe. Good thing they aren’t in the business of backing off.

The business of fear

There seems to be an unwritten hierarchy among the ranks of The Seven. Fear fuels the fire to keep Homelander (Antony Starr) and his violent tendencies at bay, it’s in all of their best interests to do his bidding, or they will end up as dust. A-Train (Jesse T. Usher) shows his loyalty by coaxing the truth out of his beloved, only to kill her, blanketed by an unfortunate “overdosing”. The secrets behind Compound-V drive these superhumans to do unthinkable things. So much for loyalty.

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Always on the case. (Photo: IMDB)

While the corrupt ascend in their ranks, The Boys have their sights set on the “Believe” Expo, and there is no room for error. Now that Hughie (Jack Quaid) has a good repertoire with the enchanting Starlight (Erin Moriarty), this gives them a broader scope of the inner workings of Vought. She may not be part of their devious ploys, but she is there best shot to learn more about other, possible disruptions.

The festival proves to be ripe with inconsistencies and contradictions. Vought has their filthy hands into everything. Including feeding off of peoples religious morals and values, even though it doesn’t match their own. It’s all about power and control, what better way to gain the trust of ordinary people? Behind the scenes is where the real story is, something the world has yet to be exposed to. There is no greater good, only the establishment of normality.

time to improvise

Hughie seems to be able to fall in step with the rest of The Boys, quite nicely. Even though he is often given tasks that are less than ideal, he begrudgingly does it. There is a rage that keeps moving him towards his end goal. Make the supes pay for what they’ve done, and what they continue to do. Unfortunately, that means Starlight is unwittingly caught up in the middle of it all. To get to a certain “questionable” supe, Ezekiel (Shaun Benson), Hughie uses his standings with Starlight to his advantage.

Homelander seems to be hyper-aware of everything and everyone who surrounds him. Being that close to someone who could rip you to pieces, just because, is quite intimidating. He is the key to the bigger picture, and it makes Hughie’s job even harder to get information. Fortunately for him, a rare lucky break strikes, and he has to roll with his rusty improvisation skills. It secures them some more information. Blackmail is a bitch, especially when one has appearances to uphold.

danger, danger everywhere
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Don’t mess with The Female. (Photo: IMDB)

On the flip side of things, Frenchie (Tomer Capon) gets a heads up that his position has been compromised. A mourning A-Train not only uncovered the video of his beloved killing the landlord but of The Boys, edging their way in. The Female (Karen Fukuhara) is in no shape to be left on her own, but in good conscience, he cannot leave her locked up. They both flee into the night, but not without confrontation. Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell) is at the ready and goes for The Female, seeming to mortally wound her. It turns out, she isn’t that easy to kill. With the ability to heal herself, she is more than a formidable foe. She’s someone who would fit nicely in with ‘The Boys’ if Frenchie has any say in it.

To tie this episode up in a neat little bow, we redirect our attention back to The Believe Festival. Where Homelander has taken it upon himself to garner the attention and adoration of the world, in order to fight those terrorists. It may not be what Madelyn (Elisabeth Shue) intended, but she is starting to lose the twisted power she has over him. While Starlight takes the stage, stripping away the perfection and becoming real to the people. It’s sure to get her into a world of trouble, but this isn’t what she signed up for. All but outting a certain “supe” for sexual misconduct, there is a lot of mess to be cleaned up now.

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She rises, they fall. (Photo: IMDB)
the time is near

The story is so diverse and all over the place, but they make it seamless and easy to follow. Maeve (Dominique McElligott) is not handling the plane crash well, giving in to the whims of the bottle she is lost, desperate and ailing. Finding comfort in the only person she loved, only to find those bridges aren’t as sturdy as they used to be. Just because they are superhuman, doesn’t mean they don’t have that same emotional turmoil and scars that the rest of humankind has. To see them in such a vulnerable state almost makes you feel sorry for them, almost.

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