The Boys (S01E06) “The Innocents”

After the exploits from the last episode of The Boys, Starlight is laying low and avoiding the media at all costs. This isn’t what she wanted to do with her life, she wanted more than to be just a “pretty face”. There is a resonating strength that exudes from her, hopefully, that remains in her favour in the trials to come. (Spoilers Ahead)

Normal? There is only chaos

Annie (Erin Moriarty) and Hughie (Jack Quaid) have an undeniable attraction to each other. Even when his intentions have been less than forthcoming, they have found comfort in each others company. It a world that has clearly gone mad, it’s good to see these fleeting moments of normalcy. Everyone deserves a break, even the almighty.

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Annie and Hughie, a real power couple. (Photo: IMDB)

Death changes everyone, for Hughie it brought out a primal force. He left his former life behind when Billy (Karl Urban) came into his life. It was time for a change, sure, but at what cost? There is going to be a time when it all catches up to him, one can only run from their past for so long. In the meantime, I’m all for his possible new life with Annie.

Live Your Life

In order to push their agenda for national defense to take the seven seriously, they need to sell themselves to the “audience” of choice. “Super In America” is sure to reach their targets. Everything has to be perfect in this world, the element of control is dominant, but to outsiders, the magnificent seven seem to have their shit together. If only they were privy to the twisted truths. Homelander (Antony Starr) is beginning to crack and pieces of his past are starting to reveal themselves. Especially when a memento from his childhood is used as a “prop”.

With every action and word being directed, the seven do not need to think for themselves. They have a team of people who do that for them, it is starting to get tiring for many of them, but that’s the way of the business. If you want to stay employed, there are some concessions that must be made. Even Starlight isn’t immune to their far, reaching powers. She may be fighting against their corrupt policies, but there is no winning. They always get their way.

Here it comes

The Boys have tried their best to keep themselves “concealed” from outside forces. There are eyes and ears everywhere, but laying low can only do so much. How can they sit idly by when the world is at the brink of something, terrifying. Unable to communicate with “The Female” (Karen Fukuhara) proves to be rather bothersome, good thing there are certain Supes who will help when the price is right.

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There is always a price. (Photo: Google)

Mesmerizer (Haley Joel Osment), or as he is affectionately called, Mesmer, is the one who can unlock the answers they so desperately seek. Thanks to a proposition by Mothers Milk (Laz Alonso), it’s an offer he can’t refuse. With the ability to read people, their thoughts, emotions, everything. If only The Female could let go and stop breaking peoples hands when they are only trying to help. It’s a process, but once she realizes its the only way, they get the truth. She was taken from her family, forced to become a soldier in a terrorist group and taken from her brother. Vought was turning her into a supervillain, who knows how many more like her are out there? The Female is not going to run, this is where she belongs for now.

Too bad in the end Mesmer ends up screwing The Boys over. Typical.

It’s right here, right now

The destruction of the Supes is more than anyone thought possible. Hughie sees this first hand when Billy takes him to a “survivors” group. People who have had their lives altered, devastated because they got in the way. Talk about the wrong place at the wrong time. It isn’t time to sit around and Boo-Hoo about your losses, now is the time to fight. Perhaps they will fall in line with Billy, but I have a feeling they are better off hiding in the shadows.

theboyss01e066 - The Boys (S01E06) “The Innocents”
Life sucks. Time to fight back. (Photo: Google)

In one case, there is some sort of accountability. The Deep (Chace Crawford) is forced into making a public apology to Starlight, for his transgressions. This is just one piece of the ever-moving puzzle that Vought has control of. They are precise, cool and calculated. Of course, you’d have to be if you were mass producing superhumans. Somehow it all goes back to Homelander, with the brief flashes of the past showing itself. It explains the creepy bond between him and Madelyn (Elisabeth Shue) even more.

Hughie is walking a very perilous line, one that Billy isn’t fond of. Annie is someone who makes him happy, when they are together, the rest of the world seems to disappear. The kiss seals the deal. It’s exactly what they both have needed, especially in times like these. She could be their best ally in the inevitable war to come if only Billy could see past his hang-ups.

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