Suits (S09E05) “If the Shoe Fits”

Violin at a gun fight

… And he is back. One of arguably most anticipated episodes for season 9 was episode 5, and that’s because Mike is back! But as it turns out, he isn’t there just to have some fun with some old friends, but rather, to kick some serious ass. The band may be back together, but they are a little out of tune.

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Gun fights

When Mike and Rachel left at the end of season 7, it was to run a clinic in Seattle that takes cases against fortune 500 companies. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before Mike would be back and going against someone from the firm, that someone being Harvey. And indeed, Mike shows up unannounced with a case against Brickstreet Athletics, thinking that they are still his friend’s client. However, two memos Mike missed on his way from Seattle were that one, Harvey has become a softie (like seriously, he just wanted them to have fun fighting and I love that) and two, Brickstreet Athletics  is now Samantha’s client. Thus, when Mike slapped them with a lawsuit in the name of Geremy Wall, a Good Will ambassador who claims they exploit workers abroad (very relevant, real life issue indeed) Samantha was more than ready to fight. Now beyond the much missed banter, Darvey-roasting (will never tire of Harvey being called out on Paula, what a mess) and the few reunion scenes, the case was the main focus of the protégé’s return.

Though Harvey and Samantha did throw some punches, ensuring that Geremy’s suit wouldn’t be trialed in front of a jury, and thus Mike won’t be able to pull on their heart strings, Mike was ready to hit right back every single time. After Brickstreet Athletics CEO testified to not caring about the workers’ lives in his factories, because they were abiding by whatever international laws set in place, Mike replaced the lost jury with the wider public, releasing an interview where Geremy wore the harsh words spoken by the CEO printed on a T-shirt. Before Samantha could do more to counter the public stunt, Harvey goes to Mike to question him about it, only to find out Mike wasn’t the only one to have missed a memo when it comes to old friends. Mike was now a guy who gets sh*it done, who cares about the results and who will do anything (that won’t get you in prison or in front of the bar, because in case anyone forgot: he has experienced both lol) for his client’s desired outcomes. Oh, how the tables have turned.

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Ultimately though, instead of finding some shady way out of it, Harvey accepted the loss and asked Mike to come over and have dinner with his adoptive parents. But much to my dismay and, for lack of a better word, super-angry-disappointment, the anticipated date night wasn’t meant to be. While Harvey and Donna were busy acting like a domestic married couple that they are (seriously, how married do these two already look? and they looooove it), Mike stormed in to yell, assuming that whatever shady thing had just been done to tip the winning scale in Samantha and Harvey’s favor, was the latter’s idea. An interesting assumption to make, when Harvey had truly acted nothing if not fair and chill all episode, more enjoying the fight for the sake of it being with Mike, than for the results themselves. But it was indeed Samantha who had bribed a defeating testimony out of a man who had once before written to Geremy Wall, pointing the gun right back into Mike’s face. The problem with that? Her strategy was very much not a legal one, and Faye had caught wind of it all. Interestingly enough, Faye also thought that between the two of them, Harvey was the one to act out of line. A fair assumption, even more fair coming from her, since she knows him less than Mike, but once again pointing to the fact that in many ways, people underestimate how much Harvey and his priorities have changed (a hint for where he might end up, maybe?). Samantha’s move was solely her own, and while I am very much team Wheeler all the way, it is undeniable that her firing at the end of this episode wasn’t without cause. It was only a matter of time before Faye was going to fire someone, and for It to be Samantha of all people, also means that some of the redemption Harvey and Donna want for taking her mentor away is coming, as they will fight to bring her back where she belongs (and I will fight Korsh if he doesn’t give us a proper Mike Donna scene in the finale).

Even though this whole mess resulted in Mike’s abrupt exit, we at least got to see him reunite with Katrina and Louis. With that also came the two ways the writers decided to honor Rachel in this episode: something funny and something touching. While Mike told Katrina that if she knew just how well Rachel is doing, she wouldn’t believe him (homage to Meghan and I did laugh out loud), the moving moment for me was the one with Louis. Mike was too bothered by the result of his case and the fact that he felt as though Harvey had broken his word to him (seriously, stop hating on Harvey 2019) to have proper goodbyes, but Louis was there to remind him of the fact that their friendships come first. A constant and very important sentiment present in every episode this season, where no matter what fight they are fighting or who it is against, they are all a family at the end of the day. Even though I would have wished to see a more rounded Mike exit in this episode, seeing him give Louis a “spitt up” onsie for the baby, one that Rachel saved nonetheless, was pretty goddamn touching too. Plus, if you too also have a list of people you wanted Mike to interact with but didn’t, don’t be sad just yet, because Patrick is coming back home again for the last two episodes of the show, and so is Mike. This was just the beginning of the end.


The other two major plots of the episode thankfully had more cheerful outcomes. One being that of the final ending to Brian and Katrina. I was never a fan of that relationship once they went beyond platonic banter, not just because Brian is indeed married with a child and the whole infidelity thing is such a same old same old, but also because I thought Katrina deserved a more complex storyline of self-exploration, before diving into a relationship… and boy is season 9 delivering! The first few episodes focused on her figuring out what kind of a lawyer she wants to be, standing up for her own mistakes and being the rational partner that she is, but this one delved deeper into who she wants to be not as a lawyer, but rather, as a person. When Donna offered help in finding an associate and getting over Brian, that sent Katrina into a spiral (Mother of pearl, Amanda Schull you are a comedy genius) of questioning her feelings for Brian. While the prospect of her starting something with him again made my head hurt, it was the collective efforts of one Harriet Specter and one Louisa Litt (I screamed, s9 has so many great references and parallels to the past, bless)  that made Katrina see the truth: Brian wasn’t love, he was the idea of having something beyond work. It is now up to Katrina to start finding herself outside of her job, void of Brian or any other man or law case. An amazing storyline for an amazing character and proof that finding who you are is a life-long process. And please, do keep ignoring his phone calls.

Speaking of questioning and finding one’s self, the third storyline of the episode focused on (hopefully, no offense) one of the last Louis Sheila plots for season 9: the question of work. While this topic was a constant in their relationship, because they are two people who always put it first, it sort of changed course in this week’s installment.  Sheila was acting out of sorts all episode, and Louis was starting to worry, especially when he tried to fix a problem she had at work and was meet with even more anger (their dialogues in this episode did leave a bitter taste in my mouth, they could have handled her pregnancy and their conflict in a less stereotypical manner). Long story short, this forced them to end up at Dr. Lipschitz, where Sheila opened up to Louis about the thoughts she has been having recently: work and baby, the co-existence of the two and most importantly, the shift she has felt in her own identity as she prepares to be a mother. For a character that I remember never wanted to have kids whatsoever, and am still surprised is pregnant now, this was yet another step made for her that felt questionable to me. But despite my personal feelings for that whole storyline, or how it was handled (please let me know your thoughts, or am I alone in not liking this?), the ending sentiment was one that I am sure will come up again in the rest of season 9: Being a warrior has nothing to do with your job, it is who you are.

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And now we move forward, hoping that Samantha gets her job back and that the seemingly shifting priorities of everyone at the firm are shed light on and explored. Season nine continues to be less about the one-episode-cases and more about all the ways these characters can be  “pulled in two directions” and question everything for themselves. Who will be next?


Random Thoughts

  • Harvey Specter’s idea of a perfect evening is having pizza Donna likes and showing her his tv shows, what a relatable man
  • Mike shaming Darvey: I live for it.
  • Alex and Louis comedy is some of my absolute favorite this season
  • Aren’t there subtle hints about Darvey moving in together everywhere? The Paula mention, them having to spend a nigh apart, acting all domestic…. IT IS COMING
  • “The lock was broken” “your brain is broken”, OK I missed this
  • Louis Litt’s baby being a Future Harvard grad is the most accurate thing
  • Katrina Bennet for president and Benjamin for vice president
  • PJA, welcome home.

Suits returns for 9×06 next Wednesday at 9/8c on USA Network in the States. In Africa, you can catch it starting August 8th at 20pm on TGE.