“A Discovery Of Witches” (S01E07)




What an incredible episode! We get an element of drama, suspense, betrayal, romance, and terrible twosomes. It was written by our queen Deborah Harkness and Sarah Dollard. It was directed by Sarah Walker.
Ysabeau (Lindsay Duncan) says adieu to her beloved son and daughter. Also warning that “Baldwin (Trystan Gravelle) will stall the congregation as long as he can. It will be no more than a couple of days.” It Matthew’s (Matthew Goode) battle to fight, not Baldwin’s. She’s 100% right. I love how Ysabeau’s unwavering support and pledges to her son, her aid and loyalty always. They board a helicopter and head to Madison County, New York.
 “There is nothing like Madison in the fall.” – Diana shares with Matthew. The house needs to “settle in” according to Diana (Teresa Palmer). Her aunts gave them some time alone to get adjusted. Other words see if the “magical Bishop house” would welcome Matthew. (Yeah, right?) Let’s face hard facts, Sarah Bishop (Alex Kingston) would love nothing more if the house rejected him. Sarah just assumes the house wouldn’t like him. He not only went into the house; he was greeted by Tabitha the cat, who seems to be very fond of him. We get some clapping back to that tripe.
First things first, Diana puts her aunties on notice. “Did you know I was spellbound.” – Diana. Sarah’s in shock and hasn’t the slightest idea of what she’s talking about. Although, Emily (Valarie Pettiford) knows exactly what she’s alluding too. “I thought you might be, yes.” – Emily. (Jaws drop to the floor.) I’ll admit Emily’s the last person I would have expected to be harboring such a secret. (Suddenly, I’m thinking about the song “Secrets” by One Republic…) Nonetheless, what a horrible thing to have known and carried all this time.
Suddenly, we are taken back in time, to when Rebecca (Sophia Myles) Diana’s mother and Stephen Proctor (David Newman) her father, are on the run from the “dastardly” Peter Knox (Owen Teale). The house shakes giving them a warning. Rebecca and Stephen must do whatever they must to keep their daughter safe. Which brings me to them “cloaking and spellbinding” Diana. Rebecca starts telling her daughter the story of “The Magic Ribbons and The Shadow Prince”. The bombshell that has just been dropped on Diana is of such an enormity. It’s hard for her to grasp. (Seriously, though I cannot blame her one bit. I’d be floored too if my parents knew, I was the most powerful witch in existence and my life was foreseen by my mother and father.) As they begin the spell, ribbons wrap around Diana. Her mother tells her “about a special witch” (Diana!) how this spell would protect her from the powers she possesses. One day, when Diana was older, she’d meet “The Shadow Prince” (Matthew!).
All the while, everyone is standing there with Diana as she absorbs this. The magnitude of learning all this at once is a combination of disbelief, combined with a  sense of numbness and  shock. “What have we done?” – Rebecca says to Stephen. He guarantees that one day if she needed to use her power, she will be able to call upon it. As Rebecca and Stephen are leaving, we see Rebecca fighting back tears looking at her daughter. Stephen filled with sadness can barely say goodbye. Younger Sarah, Younger Emily, and child Diana all are waving and saying goodbye. Who knew it’d be for the last time? (I’m getting verklempt.)  In a flash, Peter returns.
He tests Diana to see if she had powers like her mother. Thank goodeness, (wink, ladies we love this phrase, don’t we?) the spell worked, and her powers were dormant. He assessed that Diana had no powers. She’s not the “second coming of Rebecca”, as he thought.  The reveal of being spellbound and cloaked from her true powers and becoming who she is overwhelmed, Diana. She runs out of the house into the woods. (I love the metaphor of how her blue scarf falls off her as she runs.)
Concurrently, Sarah has just been run over and backed on over with the weight of a mac truck. The revelation of Diana being spellbound/cloaked by her mother, her sister?! That just isn’t possible. It did occur and there was nothing she could have done to prevent it. Whilst, Emily is comforting her mate, Sarah. “It was not your fault honey.” – Emily. (Hugging Sarah) Be that as it may, Sarah feels as if she should have known. The fact her sister would not tell her and do this to her niece just heightens her pain. Rebecca told Emily because she knew she could have her utmost discretion. Sarah would have been filled with revenge and hunted down Peter Knox killing him. I love the connection that Sarah and Emily share. It’s so authentic.
The congregation was in session inside Baldwin’s office. Agatha (Tanya Moodie) was extremely interested in Diana’s whereabouts. You could not help but feel, that Gerbert’s interest in her was piqued by Agatha wanting more information on Diana. (We all know why – she’s the savior of daemons and every other species.) Our resident “King of Deflection” Baldwin picks this up immediately. He tries shifting the conversation. You could see “creepy as hades” Gerbert looking oddly at her and him. You notice how much interest Domenico has stood with his eyes searing into Baldwin’s back.
Peter Knox is trying to cover his derriere. He informs them after doing a spell, he detects 2 signatures of witches, (Diana and Satu). He also confirms it must be Satu (Malin Buska) with Diana. Oh, my goodeness, I love how Baldwin works. He asks the members if they think this witch Diana is an ally or a foe. You mean your sister-in-law, who you just helped rescue? (giggles) He can hold the congregation for now, but not much longer. What a predicament for the de Claremont family…
“Satu trespassed on my land, on my ancestral home. I want to see her suffer before the Congregation decides her fate.” – Baldwin
We can all assume what Baldwin means by this. DEATH must be surely coming for her. Certainly, two can play this game. Usually, Baldwin has this “cool customer” poker face on. Our “King of Deflection” Baldwin Montclair today, could be read through like tracing paper. Domenico (Greg Chillin) is the most underhanded scoundrel in Venice. Unfortunately for Baldwin, whisperings of a rescue mission had gotten back to Gerbert (Trevor Eve) and Domenico. Matthew and Baldwin went to Gerbert’s castle, La Pierre. They BOTH went to rescue Diana from the clutches of the “maliciously depraved” Gerbert. Oh, my, my… did someone spill the tea leaves? Satu drained of her power was being kept in his dungeon. (You know where he keeps all his witches in thrall.) There’s no going back for Satu now. She’s aligned herself with the wrong dastardly duo. I don’t know what Satu was thinking, honestly doing this.
Feasibly, Satu wants to head the witches’ congregation, replacing Peter.  Also, another assumption could be, “I’ll either live or die, so why not?” It’s another way to stick it to the “de Claremont” brothers. She tells Gerbert all about the rescue excursion.  A little birdy named Baldwin doesn’t know this. Domenico does though. Bad news all around, because he is not giving up Satu to Baldwin. Maybe, just maybe, Domenico might need a favor in the future, and he’ll call upon Baldwin. What did you say? Better off being friends with the devil you know than the one you don’t?…
Back in the city, Agatha goes to visit Hamish (Greg McHugh). They’re a meeting arranged in his office. You see Agatha has some very pertinent information to share with him. Her daughter-in-law Sophie (Aisling Loftus) believes Diana is the savior of the daemons. She also there to drops another bomb on him. Sophie was born of witches but is a daemon! (GET. OUT. OF. HERE!?!) They discuss arranging a meeting with Diana, Sophie must tell her something.
“You opened them up to get to the power you couldn’t find in their daughter. Am I right?” – Satu
What is Satu’s deal? She must have a third eye like some rare witches possess. I believe there was a reason for her getting involved with “the congregation”. Am I right or wrong? There could be an abundance of reasons why… Why did Meridiana (Chloe Dumas) tell Satu “weaver” when she freed her from being enthralled to Gerbert for eternity? There’s a link between Diana and Satu. Whatever that may be, I’m sure we’ll find out sooner than later. As we were discussing, Satu knows that Peter Knox used the “opening spell” killing both of Diana’s parents. Also, assuming Peter wanted Stephen out of the picture and Rebecca for himself. Satu now understands how it drains a witch of all their powers. We observed how she betrayed Peter and went to team up with the vampires. It failed massively, however. She of the opinion that Diana was spellbound. Wait for a second, and possibly the most powerful witch ever! Satu inquires about her powers returning to Peter. He reassures her they will with time.
There’s one more bombshell Satu is going to drop.  She tells Peter of the prophecy, “Beware the witch with the blood of the lion and the wolf, for with it she shall destroy the creatures of the night.” Despite everything, they must get Diana allied with the witches. He will do anything to destroy the de Claremont family. It’s all starting to make sense, in the grander scheme of things. Peter Knox wants Diana to destroy de Claremont’s and all vampires. Witches would rule everything. While Gerbert and Domenico are out for self-preservation. How long exactly have they all known of this prophecy?
Domenico heads off to see his favorite “gilded bird in a cage” Juliette (Elarica Johnson), and I pose this question. When are these “friends with benefits getting together?”. Have mercy me, they are just talking through a locked gate and you feel that pent up sexual tension.  As they’re speaking to each other with a hint of deception and bribery. She’s eating it all up. Domenico ever the scoundrel gives her details about Matthew and Diana. He loves Venice and wants to live there for eternity with no problems from Matthew and “the witch he loves”, Diana. Juliette of course, says he loves her. How about that shot of truth in that denial cocktail, Juliette. If she wants to visit them, Domenico has Diana’s file that will give her their location.
“This is child’s play. Where are the spells for self-defense? For setting up a shield around a property.” – Matthew
“That’s just not possible. Those spells haven’t worked in generations.” – Sarah
It’s known, Matthew will do anything to protect his mate and wife. He’s frustrated by the lack of protection for all of them. (Can you blame him? Sarah tells him she’s scared.) Diana arrives in the kitchen in the knick of time. She forges an accord with them. Aunt Sarah will teach her the basics of spell casting. While Matthew will show her how to protect herself. (Sounds goode to me! *wink*)
It was just at that moment when Miriam (Aiysha Hart) and Marcus (Edward Bluemel) arrive. Miriam sneers at Tabitha. (I was laughing hysterically! Tabitha screeches back at her.) Marcus tells Miriam to knock it off. Emily answers the door graciously while Sarah is standing behind her. Sarah’s troubled by vampires protecting Bishop land.  “We might as well send a FLARE up to the congregation.” – Sarah. Marcus shares that Sarah looks very much like her namesake, Sarah Bishop. She taught him how to make a tourniquet. Not amused by this latest revelation, they begin to argue again.  “With respect Sarah.” – Matthew. Just like that, he couldn’t say another word. Sarah is tired of him  sayin that to her. When suddenly, an envelope comes flying out the wall. It’s addressed to Diana and it says love, Dad. Miriam says, “What the hell?” Matthew answers her “Magic house.” As Diana begins to open it, the smell of it is vaguely familiar. It’s a MISSING PAGE from “Ashmole 782”! Diana looking stunned! It’s the “Dark Prince” with a wolf and the “White Queen” with a lion! “The White Queen” has Matthew’s insignia on her chest! (OMG, I am screaming internally!) It looks like some sort of alchemical wedding. Matthew asks to see it.
“We need to get it to the lab.” – Miriam
“No need. I have a still room. And I know just a spell.” – Sarah

“There’s nothing wrong with you, Diana. There never was.” – Matthew
Diana discusses herself being spellbound, there is no way of going back unless that person frees you. It’s different for them.  Her parents weaved a spell that tied her and Matthew together. Also making it possible so if that Diana, were ever in any trouble, she could summon her magic. She’d never be alone.

“The spell was somehow tied to me, too.” – Matthew
“To my need for you. (they kiss) They knew I’d fall in love with you.” – Diana
Later that evening, Sarah and Emily go out for the evening and leave them alone to spend time together.
Diana asks him if he remembers the first time they met. “Move past me slowly. No sudden movements. GO! But don’t run.” – Matthew. Diana demonstrates how much her powers have emerged. Running fast as she can.  Matthew’s behind a tree his blood lust triggered by how much he aches for her. He says “Fuck” under his breath and starts chasing after her. He almost catches her with his vampiric speed. Out of now where Diana starts flying! She lands right on top of him, (trying to assert her control in the relationship) moves his arms above his head. They begin kissing in a carnal frenzy. One thing leads to another as they are back in the house. He is carrying her wrapped around his waist. (Can I describe the heat in this scene? Not possible.) They’re kissing deeply and passionately. They start undressing each other and he brings her up the stairs still attached to his waist. I was ready to faint as he carried her into the bedroom. He takes her to the bed as they’re yearning to be together. All the while, we heard “I Found Love” by Amber Run playing. Compliments to the music department for always “A Discovery Of Witches” choosing the perfect song for a scene!
“I Found Love.” – by Amber Run
I’ll use you as a warning sign
That if you talk enough sense then you’ll lose your mind
And I’ll use you as a focal point
So I don’t lose sight of what I want
And I’ve moved further than I thought I could
But I missed you more than I thought I would
And I’ll use you as a warning sign
That if you talk enough sense then you’ll lose your mind
And I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be
Right in front of me

The romantic notions and sexual tension in this scene left my jaw agape. Their desire and need to connect on a cosmic level was heavenly. After the foreplay was over, they’re resting in bed together. Matthew shares a secret with his mate.

“There were two women, two human women. Not like this, not like us, but I did love them. And I told each of them that they were safe with me. I even believed it. If I ever harmed, you…” – Matthew
“Matthew, you will never harm me. I’m not human, I’m powerful. And you will never hurt me because you don’t want to; you can’t. I won’t let you.” – Diana
Interesting how Matthew’s fear of not being able to protect Diana simmers to the surface. Diana reassures him they would be able to protect each other.
The next day they out in the woods, Matthew was helping Diana hone her self-protection skills. A predator was lurking in the barn. “Why don’t you just come out and kiss me?” – Diana. Matthew adorably behind a tree is smiling. She senses a vampiric presence nearby, as she enters the barn… Juliette is waiting.
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