Interview with Jami O’Brien

Alright guys and gals we have a new interview for you all it’s NOS4A2’s show runner Jami O’Brien who has done a lot of writing for TV shows and is able to be a show runner for this amazing series, I was able to have the opportunity to interview her and talk about the series which is always fun. I hope you all enjoy!

1) What inspired you to want to create a series out of Joe Hill’s novel Nos4A2? When I read the novel I immediately fell in love with Vic McQueen and the honest and nuanced portrayals of the entire McQueen family. All of the characters are just phenomenal, but I first responded to Vic and the McQueens.

Q 2) For those that have not read the novel but are watching your series what can you tell them about the hero of the story Vic McQueen?
The first season of the show covers a little less than half of the novel and is really a coming of age story about Vic — in both the real world and the world of thought. When we meet Vic, she’s on the verge of becoming an adult. She’s unsure of herself, has an internalized sense of class inferiority, has big dreams but is unsure how to achieve them. Vic’s supernatural gift and her encounters with Charlie Manx give her the strength to grapple with her family of origin. At the same time, coming to terms with her family and learning to hold the people she loves accountable for their actions gives her the courage to take on Charlie Manx. By the end of the first season, she’s grown from a vulnerable kid to a badass warrior.
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Q 3) Now that the season finale has aired and congratulations on the season renewal, what can we expect from season 2?
Thank you! As I said, the first season covers a little less than half of the book, so you can expect we continue the story laid out in the novel. We’ll definitely be seeing more of Vic, Charlie, Bing, and Maggie…
Q 4) What was it like working with Zachary Quinto? Did you always know that you wanted him for the role of Charlie Minx?
Zach is a fantastic actor and a total pro. His work is laser focused… he brings tremendous specificity, pathos and humor to Charlie in addition to the underlying contempt and rage that make him so scary. I really can’t imagine anyone else in the role.
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Q 5) How hard was it to cast some of the characters like Vic, and Maggie? We auditioned many, many talented young women for both roles.
Vic was tough to cast because we needed someone with both vulnerability and the grit to go toe to toe with Charlie Manx. Ashleigh knocked our socks off with her amazing open heart and her inner badass. As for Maggie, I had seen some of Jahkara Smith’s hysterical, whip-smart, satirical videos and kinda fell in love with her. We asked her to audition, and she blew us away with her intelligence, humor, and sparkle.
Q 6) Can you at least tell us if Maggie and Vic will one day soon reunite in season 2 after that goodbye they had in season 1? Yep, I promise they will.
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Q 7) I know some times there can be some funny stories that happen while on set, can you tell us any of those funny stories? Hmmm… there was the time the roof blew off the Shorter Way Bridge, the crew put it back on and it immediately blew off again. There was the time where Charlie Manx had to tie up Jolene’s roller-skates while wearing gloves and Zach Quinto’s running commentary was pretty hilarious. There was the day that the entire makeup department came to work with nails in their foreheads… there was always a lot of joking and teasing…
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Q 8) How many seasons do expect NOS4A2 to have on the network? (Example: 4-8 seasons)
Oh boy, right now I’m happy for a season two! But I love the characters and the world and will be happy to keep playing in the NOS4A2 sandbox as long as AMC will let me!
Q 9) I like asking this one a few times cause the answer is always interesting, If you had to choose one actor from the NOS4A2 series to go a night out on the town, who would it be and why?
The entire cast is a lot of fun. Maybe Olafur Darri Olafsson (who plays Bing) because he and I share an appreciation for good Rhode Island oysters…
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Q 10) Last question cause I know you are a busy lady, for those that haven’t seen the series NOS4A2 nor read the book; what’s one word that you would use to describe the series? Weird.