Jersey Shore: Family Vacation (S03E06)

This is the episode recap of the sixth episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. This post is dark and full of spoilers.

The Hitchuation

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation does not have many beautiful moments in its debauchery and fist-pumping filled history. Last episode’s display of the Sorrentino’s first dance as husband and wife certainly qualifies, however. Lauren looks radiant and you could tell from Mike’s facial expression that he is deeply in love with her.

Best Men Time

After the couple’s first dance, everyone joins them on the dance floor. The Bromance Boys dance together (of course they did) while Jen and Ron take a break from abusing each other to share a romantic dance as well.

The guys prepare to give their best men speeches. Ronnie is first and for a second, it seemed like he was going to start a roast battle with Mike.  Instead, Ronnie speaks from the heart and expresses how proud he is of Mike for changing his life.  Vinny is next and he is completely hammered. He is what the kids would say, “lit AF.” He says some off the cuff jokes which were a little amusing but the wedding was definitely not the time or place for this type of humor. Pauly is last and reflects on his relationship with Mike and he states Lauren is Mike’s soulmate.

Mike and Lauren genuinely seem perfect for each other.

Dancing and Interrogations

The boys are getting ready for their dance routine. As they change into their matching track suits, Uncle Nino pesters Jen about their well-chronicled bouts of domestic abuse.

Uncle Nino Jen Harley PP 300x150 - Jersey Shore: Family Vacation (S03E06)

As the guys get ready, Vinny begins drunkenly gyrating in his underwear. This is full-blown chooch behavior. The boys have custom made Italian flag Nikes to match their all red track suits. It’s pretty fly.


Tony and Louie make a surprise appearance and it is a breath of fresh air that these two Jersey Shore: Family Vacation icons return to bless us with their presence.

I Wanna Rock Right Now Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Style

The legend himself, Rob Base arrives to perform his timeless classic “It Takes Two.”  The guys begin their routine and Mr. Keto Guido, the guy who is the self-proclaimed captain of the dance crew is the first to make a mistake. He recovers nicely and the guys finish their dance routine without any major screw-ups.


After Rob Base performs, it is off to Mike’s favorite part of the celebration…the desserts!

Big Daddy Sitch is living his best life during the Viennese dessert hour. There is every type of Italian pastry available.  Deena observes the children which makes her anticipate her impending motherhood. Ronnie looks back on his decisions and realizes Mike inspires him to be a better man. He wants the type of love and structure that Mike has with Lauren.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacations airs Thursdays at 8:00 PM Eastern Time on MTV.