The Righteous Gemstones premieres


A series about a megachurch and its founding family, whose interests are less in tune with the teachings of Christ and more about the money that can be made off him.

Jesse Gemstone, the oldest of three siblings in a family that has turned preaching and praying into big business. The Gemstones — once led by patriarch Eli and matriarch Aimee-Leigh, who recently died — has a string of megachurches throughout the South, a ministry that spreads the word of Jesus Christ around the world, and an evangelically solid reputation built on a successful television show that Eli and Aimee-Leigh hosted in the 1980s.

What they don’t have, or at least their three children don’t have, is a moral code of any kind. They’re all bullies with a very high-profile pulpit.

New on HBO.