The Boys (S01E08) “You Found Me”

So it has come down to this, the final episode for what has been an intensely gruesome first season for The Boys. The build-up, mayhem and everything in between seem to devolve in this episode. It’s a good thing we have another season to look forward to. I want more and so do many other viewers out there. (Spoilers Ahead)

Time to save the day

Homelander (Antony Starr) is riding high, he is proving to be an unstoppable force. Deep in the heart of Syria, Homelander shows the world what he is made of, and why Supes are far superior to the growing threats of Super-terrorists. Making short work of dangerous enemies, it adds a stronger case to their spot in national defense.

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Who is the real danger here? (Photo: Google)

Is it really all falling into place so easily? At first glance, that seems to be the case, but there is always something dwelling under the surface. There is darkness, and it cannot be chased away or subdued in a simple motion. Madelyn (Elisabeth Shue) holds the power, it is her company, her assets that continue to save the world. With a promotion in her very near future, life is good. If only her golden boy saw it that way.

Their twisted “love” story, is anything but. He is just a business venture to her, there is no real care and affection. She is terrified of who he is, and what he can do, it’s easier to keep those demons at bay by using her body. It’s an unsettling ploy, but it usually does the trick. Until the truth comes out. No more lies? Well, in a company like Vought, the secrets are plentiful.

It’s all over now

Even with how much dirt they have on Vought, it’s not enough to bring down the beast. Raynor (Jennifer Esposito), despite all her resources, is unable to give The Boys safe passage. Their families will be well taken care of, but they are on their own. The Feds, Supes and everyone else is out for blood, and they will get it one way or another. There is no saving face this time, but Billy (Karl Urban) has a few aces up his sleeve.

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Down but never out. (Photo: Google)

While Hughie (Jack Quaid) and Billy are off to try and save the day, Frenchie (Tomer Capon), Mothers Milk (Laz Alonso) and Komiko (Karen Fukuhara) become victims of their circumstance. It doesn’t take long for their captors to subdue them, even the overpowered Komiko. When Vought has a will, they always find a way. Death will not be swift for any of them, not after what they’ve done.

The past can’t stay in the past

Annie (Erin Moriarty) is struggling with her identity. She finds herself back home, but there is no comfort there, only an uneasy sense of dread. When it comes to light that her mother agreed to the compound-v injections, the heartbreak is palpable. Annie never got to choose who she was going to become, that was done for her when they signed her life away to Vought. Opportunity? Potential? It’s nothing, now that she knows the truth. This changes everything.

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“You owe me.” (Photo: IMDB)

On the flip side, Billy has decided to reach out to an old friend. Mallory (Laila Robins), the one who got him into this whole mess, to begin with. Even though there is bad blood, on both sides, a compromise is made, which ensures that Billy will never contact her again. Homelander may be unbreakable, but he still has a weakness, it’s not a thing, but a person, Madelyn. It’s time to go into the fray, but it’s something Billy is going to do alone. Hughie is done with Billy’s selfish idealizations, he wants to save The Boys, and that’s exactly what he is going to do.

The nightmare is just beginning

When was the last time Annie did something good? When is the last time she saved someone? Hughie offers her those answers, in a “chance” meeting. He needs her help, but she is not going to give it that easily. She saved him from, well, himself in the bowling alley. She was there for him when the rest of the world had walked out. It may do nothing for his cause, but he needed to try.

It comes as no surprise when Hughie basically offers himself up to be captured, at least he has a plan to go along with his madness. Frenchie happens to be a master “locksmith”, give him a retainer, and he can work wonders. Escape is the easy part, but now they are not only outgunned but also outnumbered. With Komiko incapacitated, they are hopeless, but not helpless.

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Starlight, fighting for good. (Photo: IMDB)

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s powered by Starlight. This is what she does, takes care of the bad guys. Vought is the true threat, and now that she knows the truth, they have an ally in her. Even when A-Train (Jesse T. Usher) tries to have his moment of glory, he is easily subdued, only because of the compound-v destroying him from the inside out. He was warned about the substance but had to heal up after his “unfortunate” accident. Resulting in a catastrophic heart attack. Is he still alive? Well, that is something to be answered at another time.

It Can only go up from here

But wait, it’s not over yet. Billy still hasn’t had his time to shine. The grief and anger he has been holding inside for all these years have finally peaked. His plan is bold, but it just may do something to lessen his own pain. Madelyn has always been the underlining cause, and now she is the unwilling pawn in his own revenge ploy. It doesn’t take long for Homelander to come to her aid, with a bomb strapped to her chest, he has no choice but to play it safe, too bad there are larger issues at play.

The upper hand never belonged to Billy, he has always been powerless. There is no way to harm someone who has no soul, no feeling, no connection. Homelander, done being controlled and lied to finally snaps. It seems that Billy was never a threat, it was always going to be Homelander, confronting Madelyn in a dramatic and catastrophic way. He knows the real story now, and she must pay, by getting her face melted off. Yeah, didn’t see that one coming, but here we are.

theboyss01e074 - The Boys (S01E08) "You Found Me"
Billy, Alive but certainly not well. (Photo: IMDB)

Billy takes this as his cue to detonate the bomb, even if that means killing himself in the process. If only he could be so lucky. Homelander has other plans, not only does he save Mr. Butcher, he blows his mind, not in the literal sense, all at the same time. The truth of the matter is finally given the time of day. Not only is Homelander’s son still very much alive, powerful and thriving, so is Becca (Shantel VanSanten).

The amount of insanity they packed into this one, supercharged episode, is not only a feast for the senses, but gives a sense of closure. Even when the world gets ripped wide open once more, spilling out secrets from days long past. Especially now that we know Homelander himself has created all the “Super-terrorists” out there.  It has been one hell of a first season and the second will be even more mindblowing.

On a side note, did any other Supernatural fan’s get a kick out of Jim Beaver’s cameo and the role he played? One “Robert Singer”. An ode to a great!

This was the season one finale for The Boys.

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