Brassic premieres


Vinnie, a charismatic, bi-polar crim who lives in a derelict train carriage in the woods somewhere in rural Lancashire. He’s the leader of a little gang of ne’er-do-wells, poor but dishonest.

There’s fat, stupid, speech-impeded Cardi (so-called because he looks as if he’s about to have a cardiac arrest). There’s crooked garagiste J. J. There’s Ash, a big lad from a traveler family, ready to thump anybody at any time, massively endowed too.

There’s Tommo, an absolute hound for sex of any kind. And then there’s Vinnie’s brainy best mate, Dylan, who’s actually trying to live a slightly more regular life because his lovely girlfriend Erin has a little boy and she’s determined to go to college, move away and find a better future.

Vinnie, rascally though he may be, is quite vulnerable, however,  and relies a lot on Dylan when he gets into scrapes — and anyway, Dylan himself is always up for a bit of thieving, when he should be child-minding.

The series is about a group of working-class friends making their way through life via some rather unconventional and not entirely legal means.

New on Sky One.