“A Discovery Of Witches” (S01E08) [FINALE]



My adrenaline was pumping in my veins and my heart pounded. A superbly done finale. (kudos and applause all around.) It was written by our “queen” Deborah Harkness and Kate Brooke. Directed by Sarah Walker.

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Matthew Clairmont: “Once the world was full of wonders, but it belongs to the humans now. We, creatures, have all but disappeared. Daemons… vampires… witches… hiding in plain sight. Ill at ease even with each other. But, as my father used to say, “in every ending, there is a new beginning.”. (Question for our old souls family, notice how we haven’t heard Matthew’s sexy sweet velvet voice do the intro in a few episodes lately? I wonder how season 2’s will start? (Inquiring minds want to know…)
“The Huntress” and “The Goddess” make a pact.
“Juliette.” – Matthew
“Hello Matthew” – Juliette
Matthew (Matthew Goode) asks Juliette Durand (Elarica Johnson) if Gerbert (Trevor Eve) is nearby. He left her, he abandoned her, she has nothing! The huge crux here is: Juliette was used as a pawn in Gerbert’s sick game as a weapon to infiltrate the De Claremont family. She was programmed to make Matthew love her and only her. Domenico Michelle (Greg Chillin) compounds things by makes matters worse. He makes Juliette an offer she couldn’t refuse. Her independence or an eternity being Gerbert’s pawn. (Damn you Domenico for spilling the tea leaves!)
Juliette Durand reminds me of Alex Forrester (Glenn Close) from “Fatal Attraction”. She goes right in for the kill after Matthew’s beloved, Diana Bishop-De Claremont (Teresa Palmer). What’s wrong with you? You should just declare yourself dead. Now.
“I have to know how she did it. Kiss her, or I’ll make her bleed.” – Juliette
The whole I want to see how you kiss her thing, pushes her to a new threshold of deranged. Do I feel bad for Juliette, yes and no. In a sense, you want to pity her. It’s time for Juliette to wake up though. She needs to gain some self-respect, dignity and move the hell on! On the other hand, you want to see her get a serious comeuppance. It’s a tricky situation. She mirrors the famous Alex Forrester  from “Fatal Attraction” ..(It’s a “If I can’t have him. Nobody will attitude.) The events that transpired next sealed her fate. What valid and sane reason would Juliette have to try and kill Diana or Matthew? It’s more likely  hundreds of years being brainwashed by Gerbert ruined her. Adding in Domenico straight burning the whole thing down, divulging their location as the tipping point. Truth bombs can be extremely eye-opening and painful. Juliette knew instantaneously, that Matthew and Diana were mated…   Juliette throws Diana down like a rag doll. Then with such a swiftness claws at Matthew in his jugular and puts her fist through his chest. (I do not want to be you right now. Girl, your life is over, bye!) I guess she forgot about the “most powerful witch ever” Diana is standing there?
“Maiden, mother, crone, I call you. Goddess help me! I will do anything to save him.” – Diana
A Discovery Of Witches Diana becoming the huntress Those eyes Aug 22 19 300x168 - "A Discovery Of Witches" (S01E08) [FINALE]
Suddenly, the witch wind builds up and Diana’s eyes begin to glow with embers. She stands up forming a flaming bow and arrow! Everything Diana has done to this point with her magic was related to her need, longing, and desire  for it. Matthew is her mate a trigger igniting her magic. Juliette gets shot in the heart, she’s to blame, right out the of back of the barn. (“I haven’t screamed so loudly in a long-time! Girl, you were warned.”) What the hell just happened? How does Diana know to call to “the Goddess”? Instinctual, perhaps? Sensing what happened, a frantic Marcus (Matthew Bluemel) a stunned Miriam (Aiysha Hart) followed by a traumatized Aunt Sarah (Alex Kingston) are all running towards the barn. Aunt Sarah tells Diana, there’s nothing more she could do. She can’t save him. While, Marcus says he’s lost too much blood. Diana has heard enough! A force shield forms around Diana and Matthew
“If I help him, there will be a price.” – Goddess
Without warning, Diana finds a knife in her hand, and slits her wrist to give Matthew blood. Marcus tells her it’s not enough for his father’s mortal wounds, he’s dying. She leans down and let’s Matthew drink from her neck. He finally tastes Diana. Matthew sees all her memories of them. He sees in the final memory, “I love you, Matthew.” He stops drinking her. Diana falls on top of him.
Baldwin: “I knew you were in trouble when you walked in.”

The last few episodes Baldwin has been sticking out his neck for his family. I must admit, I felt sorry for our “King of Deflection” Baldwin (Trystan Gravelle), it was quite a predicament he’s faced with. He’s sworn to his oath of the “Knights of Lazarus” to protect the innocent. He’s also Matthew’s brother and head of the congregation. Oh, what a tangled web we weave…It seems the congregation (basically Gerbert and Peter Knox) were holding him responsible for allowing his brother to co-mingling with another species. A 1,000 year-old agreement still inforceable. This whole spiel about no interspecies relationships is tired and played out. We secretly know this has to do with her being freed from Gerbert’s castle at La Pierre. They’re also aware of Diana’s knowledge pertaining to “Ashmole 782” (aka “The Book of Origins”). What’s What’s that saying about power hungry fools? “Power is not alluring to pure minds.”  Satu (Malin Buska) to save  herself by coborrating everything that is said. Gerbert (Trevor Eve) decides that Baldwin should face death for his disloyalty. Sit the hell down Gerbert, you are not head of the congregation. He forgets his place and that the De Claremont’s are large and in charge. Gerbert and Peter (Owen Teale) think they have the upper hand . (NO!) Gerbert shares that Baldwin and Matthew run parallel organizations. The “Knights of Lazarus” and “The Congregation”. Another words, Baldwin would have to do as Matthew says because he’s the “Grandmaster” of the Knights.  Agatha (Tanya Moodie) challenges Gerbert by saying all sides should be heard. The look of vitriol on Gerbert’s face, oh my goodness. Infuriation daggers shot at Agatha. Our lovely daemon needs to be careful. A woman challenging him. AS IF. Welcome to the 21st century, Gerbert D’Aurillac. The daemons decide to break to discuss things. They convene after a break, the votes are all in. Baldwin will not suffer death for treason. It seems that two members: Agatha and Domenico voted no saving Baldwin… They will come a calling in the future when they need a favor. Baldwin phones Matthew telling him they need to get out of town and fast. THEY ARE COMING.

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Let’s do the time walk again.
Peter Knox  (Owen Teale), Satu Jarvien (Malin Buska) and Gerbert D’Aurillac (Trevor Eve) have found Diana and Matthew in Madison, County, New York.  Satu,  has gotten her grove back. She blasts open the door. This trio of villains think it’s appropriate to just take what they want. It’s time for Matthew and Diana to get to 1590 Elizabethan England. They follow the time walking spell and suddenly we see Diana, but where is Matthew?
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