Chicago PD (S06E22) “Reckoning” Season Finale

With everything they’ve done to stop Kelton; does Voight and the team have one more trick up their sleeves to stop Kelton? Here’s a recap!

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With everything Voight, Antonio and Ruzek have gone through this season; they have one last shot to stop Kelton from becoming Mayor of Chicago. Voight learns of Kelton’s connection with a drug boss and that if they catch him on a heavy enough charge that they could use him against Kelton. Well, as the Intelligence’s plan goes well; their guy ended up getting killed.

With their connection dead, Voight and the team hunt down the shooter. While they get the name of the shooter; they catch him and take him in to talk with Voight and Ruzek, but nothing.

Ruzek is being called to talk about his statement that he falsely stated, but continues to go with it. Later on, during a late-night visit, Ruzek is offered 24 hours to confess or he’ll be arrested.

Antonio gets dirt on the guy that talked to Ruzek but he couldn’t tell Ruzek or Voight as it dealt with the guy’s daughter.

With all seems to go down, Voight tells Ruzek that he doesn’t need to take the wrap for Antonio’s mess. But he does in his case. As Ruzek leaves Voight, Halstead stops Voight to understand what’s going on and tells him if there’s something wrong that he needs to tell him so he could help. But Voight tells Halstead that he’s going to talk with Kelton and that Intelligence will be his and that to make sure to run it the right way.

Ruzek was soon arrested and processed while Kelton was elected to be the new Mayor of Chicago. But later that night Intelligence gets a call to they learn is Kelton’s house and when they go in; Kelton dead with gunshots. We see squad cars coming and see Voight driving away.

“Reckoning” was such a strong and emotional season finale; that might not have been on the level of Season Five’s finale but it did serve a punch to the gut. Even though the episode had centric around Voight, Antonio, and Ruzek, there were a moment or two between Halstead and Upton with their partnership. Not to mention the cry time moments between Ruzek and Platt and Voight and Halstead, as it was like a full circle of their working relationship.

As for the cliffhanger, does anything think that it was Voight that shot Kelton? Could it have been both Voight and Kate? I’m leaning towards both of them and that Kate wouldn’t let Voight do it all on his own.

Well, I can’t wait for the new season, where things pick off and where our characters go from here. Also, does anyone think that Voihgt could have his own endgame if something goes wrong?

Overall, I give this episode an 8.9/10 and the season a 9/10.

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