Jersey Shore: Family Vacation (S03E08)

This is the recap of the eighth episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. This post is dark and full of spoilers.

Rehab Ronnie

There is a time in every person’s life when they are tired of the bad decisions they have made and they take the proper actions to make amends and set their life back on the proper path.

Ronnie has reached this point.

He is out of his “wellness retreat center” and ready to attack life with a clarity and enthusiasm not seen for years. He is upbeat and ready to make better choices for his quality of life and for the benefit of his daughter.

Vinny and Pauly meet up with Ronnie and Ronnie reiterates to them that he appreciates their support and is currently single. While in his “wellness retreat center,” he had an epiphany.  He realized he cannot look to anyone for happiness; happiness must come from within before he can even think about getting involved in another relationship. Vinny and Pauly are thrilled Ronnie has improved but they do not believe he will remain apart from Jen for any significant amount of time.

And right on cue, Jen and Ronnie are reconciled and planning their daughter’s first birthday party.

ronnie jen harley 300x300 - Jersey Shore: Family Vacation (S03E08)

The Claws Come Out

The girls are enjoying a lovely lunch. However, the tension between Angelina and Jenni is so thick, you can cut it with a knife. Jenni is still in her feelings about Angelina and Ronnie discussing her divorce when she specifically told the crew not to discuss it.  According to Jenni, since the divorce is a legal proceeding, she cannot publicly discuss it and as we all know from Law and Order, anything you say can and will be used against you.  Jenni previously threatened Angelina via text message over this and the chances for fisticuffs are quite high.

In true Jersey Shore: Family Vacation style, the arguing continues. Jenni calls Angelina fake and states Angelina should have requested Jenni’s request for privacy. Nicole and Deena are embarrassed and look like they want to crawl somewhere and return when it is all over. Angelina apologizes to Jenni just to end the argument and the conversation shifts to Ronnie’s daughter’s upcoming birthday party. Deena and Nicole cannot attend but Angelina and Jenni are both going and they invite Lauren to come with as she has never visited Las Vegas. There is one problem, however. Lauren is currently angry with Angelina for promoting disparaging click bait about Mike on her Instagram account.

Angelina is flabbergasted Lauren is mad about that, as she thinks it is not a big deal. In fact, she is upset with Lauren for not coming to her directly and speaking about it. Angelina, here is a piece of advice from your pal, Mr. Biffenstein. If Jenni has issue with you and Lauren has an issue with you: What is the common denominator? Maybe it is YOU who is the problem and not everybody else.

Meatball Day

Nicole and Deena enjoy a day together at the Jersey Shore. What used to be an experience with alcohol and debauchery has now turned into a day filled with junk food and a mutual enjoyment of each other’s company. It is quite the sight to witness the evolution of these two from boozed up jezebels to respectable mothers engaging in some clean and wholesome fun. I guess that is the transition from Jersey Shore to Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

Kudos to you, ladies.

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Viva Las Vegas!

The tripod of terror has arrived! Jenni, Angelina and Lauren are in Sin City and the discussion immediately shifts to her new relationship. Jenni has a new boyfriend and is having a massive amount of sex with him.

Like, so much sex she had to ice down her vagina.

That is A LOT of sex.

Angelina is confused as to why Jenni did not have sex with Roger anymore but is having so much sex with Rebound Bae. Uh, Angelina, like you would say: Um, hello!

It is not that Jenni did not want anymore penis, she just did not want Roger’s penis.

While Lauren and Angelina are eating dinner, Jenni and Ronnie meet outside to hash out their differences. As they are talking, Lauren confronts Angelina about the social media fiasco. Angelina makes poor excuses about her behavior and Lauren calls her out on it. Meanwhile, Jenni tells Ronnie she is upset Ronnie is taking Roger’s side in the divorce. Ronnie explains Roger always treated him well but he does see Jenni as a sister so he understands why she is hurt. At the end of the day, they are family and after they express how they feel, they forgive each other and hug it out.

Italian Sausage

Vinny is joining the Chippendale’s roster.  He tells Uncle Nino and his mother that he has secured a gig with the world famous male exotic entertainment company as an MC. Uncle Nino wonders if he has a chance with Jenni now that she is single.

Good luck with that, Uncle Nino.

The episode ends with Jenni in the tattoo parlor getting a portrait of her son, Greyson, on her hand.

jenni tattoo hand 300x300 - Jersey Shore: Family Vacation (S03E08)

That is some impressive ink.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacations airs Thursdays at 8:00 PM Eastern Time on MTV.