Preacher (S04E06) “The Lost Apostle”

The plans have been set in motion and the apocalypse has begun in the world of Preacher. Each of the players is unknowingly, exactly where God (Mark Harelik) wants them. Can this madness be stopped? Surely there is still hope? We will soon see. (Spoilers Ahead)

Let the apocalypse commence!

The “almighty” is rather high on himself, making sure all the intricate pieces to the puzzle are exactly where they need to be. There are no lucky breaks unless he wants it to seem that way. He may be able to see all, know all, but there has to be some sort of vulnerability. He must be stopped before his childish fury is unleashed onto the world.

preachers04e06 - Preacher (S04E06) “The Lost Apostle”
Always one step ahead. (Photo: IMDB)

Phase Two has begun and Herr Starr (Pip Torrens) couldn’t be happier, not only does this spell the demise of his arch-nemesis, but it also boasts a promise of getting his youthful looks back. As Hitler (Noah Taylor) and Jesus (Tyson Ritter) debate who goes where, when the end finally happens, it all seems a little too perfect. There must be a few cogs to get thrown in the mix before it all goes down. Humperdoo is still on the lam, and the lies are sure to catch up to Herr Starr soon.

Shoot First, Ask Questions Later

Tulip (Ruth Negga) and Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun), using their guise as “The Americans”, work their badass magic to get a handle on where Jesse (Dominic Cooper) could be. Knowing full well the danger he’s in, especially with The Saint of Killers (Graham McTavish) as his guide, they need to get to him before death does. Against all odds, they are fuelled with determination and pure stubbornness. It also helps that Tulip just so happens to “stumble” upon God’s little hidey-hole, pointing directly to where Jesse is heading. To make their travels easier, a plane happens to be at their disposal. Too good to be true? You bet your ass it is.

preachers04e063 1024x575 - Preacher (S04E06) “The Lost Apostle”
Jesse and The Saint. (Photo: IMDB)

The Saint needs Jesse alive, he will hold a part in his vendetta against God, whether he likes it or not. Can God really be killed by the most powerful guns ever created? Even if they can shoot through planets, would that be enough to bring the big man down? Revenge isn’t the answer, but it would sure feel good after all they have been through. If only the Saint had his eyes trained to the sky. If anything, Tulip and Cassidy sure know how to make an entrance and a rescue.

Fiery fate awaits them all

The rising turmoil has been blamed on a well-orchestrated ruse between Australia and New Zealand, giving them due to causing to attack or at least set Phase Two of the diabolical plan into motion. Fire, brimstone, and blood soon rain down. God is the one in control, he always has been. They have all fallen into line and right into his clutches. Even Herr Starr doesn’t escape unscathed, an unfortunate “mauling” renders his nether regions, useless. His lies have been many and God isn’t one to be crossed.

preachers04e07 1024x576 - Preacher (S04E06) “The Lost Apostle”
Time to let go Preacher… (Photo: IMDB)

If it’s too good to be true, chances are it is. Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy learn that the hard way. God will not be denied his rage, and the trap has been unveiled. Unfortunately for Jesse, he finds himself plunging to certain doom towards the unforgiving Outback.  What happens now? This madness needs to be stopped somehow, there is no giving up on the ragtag crew just yet. They’ve been through hell and back, this minor mishap won’t stop them for long.

The next episode of Preacher airs Sunday, September 8 on AMC at 10/9c

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