Suits (S09E0607) “Scenic Route”

Holding on and letting go

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In the previous episode, Harvey dealt with an overwhelming sense of guilt, following Samantha’s firing and with that, yet another change in the firm’s name (would it ever really be the last season if we didn’t get a record in firm wall modifications by the end of episode 10?). Unwilling to cross the line and break apart Faye’s family and her daughter’s idea of her own father,  Harvey owned up to the fact that him staying true to the kind of man he is, meant that Samantha couldn’t get her job back, at least not yet. So the two embarked on a journey, to find her biological father and in the process, reconcile their own differences. What the scenic route brought along with that, was also some small and some big revelation, not just for Samantha, but also for Harvey and Louis.

The best everything else

Harvey being gone for full 36 hours was pretty much a once-in-a-life-time, and while that meant Donna was feeling a Harvey sized hole in her day, Louis perceived his absence completely differently… because he is crazy. When taken in the context of all the hard work Louis has done on himself recently, I didn’t think the timing of this plot was completely appropriate. The effect of this story-line would have been, in my opinion, more productive and fitting in earlier season. However, the comedic purpose and the way that effortlessly transitioned into a very personal, positive lesson learned for Louis was good, nonetheless. Most of all, watching him decide to be Harvey for the day felt like one of those season 9 Louis moment where the writers decided this crazy plot was something they always wanted to have fun with and went for it. The craziness of It all was something I think fits into this being the last season and one last opportunity to have some fun. Plus… Rick Hoffman is a genius, and so is that hair department.

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Despite the fact that Donna warned Louis that this will probably end really badly, he decided to act on his own accord (and really, was anybody surprised?) and meet with a potential client of Harvey’s for lunch. The best part of that whole sequence of them at the restaurant was not just how amazingly it portrayed the ridiculousness of being a privileged white man (though I was all there for it lol), but how it also brought back some of the iconic earlier Harvey quotes. From the “life I like this, I like this”, to Louis’ later use of the 147 guns quote, both season 1 classics, this was just one more way the show so naturally paid testament to the past 9 seasons.

However, in the end, the story-line reached a conclusion that may not have been possible if this craziness happened earlier in the show. While Harvey and Samantha ended up mocking Louis in that precious, *brought tears to my eyes*, *what a friendship*, scene where they called and pretended to be Harold’s secretary, both Louis and Harvey’s growth ended up being highlighted through this nonsense. Louis, who also agreed to bring Harold back (all the iconic people being honored in this season is what we deserve!!!), realized that even though Harvey being the best closer has always been something he has deeply admired and envied him for, being himself is where he is supposed to be. A significant and touching realization, even if the story-line that led him here was completely ridiculous. This sort of conclusion could only be reached by a Louis that has grown enough to be able to let go of his Harvey fixation and fully embrace who he is. He is the best at being his own ridiculous, hilarious self.

This isn’t a good time, this is a mission

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And while Louis was playing shenanigans being fake Harvey, the real Harvey was also showing us all the other, more serious sides to himself, that have very little to do with being a closer. When Samantha opened up to him about being able to track down her biological father, Harvey partly because of his guilt but also ways in which he relates to her pain, Harvey decided to come along and help her. Fast forward to this episode, they were ready to hit the road. I was equally as excited about seeing Harvey and Samantha’s conversation during the trip, as I was about getting to experience Samantha’ moment with her father. And indeed, the title being “Scenic route” perfectly summed up the intention of the writers to focus on exploring the dynamic of the two lawyers throughout the course of the trip. From the above-mentioned moments of lightness and sharing when it came to Louis, to their more raw and vulnerable ones, this episode was a testament to how the writers are able to make the most unlikely of relationships work (suits invented female-male workplace friendships ok? ok).

Throughout the trip, we also got to see the heartbreaking flashbacks into Samantha’s past, and what I appreciated most (spoiler: definitely not the fact that she was once dating Kaldor, this was such a great opportunity for some lgbtq+ representation on this show and they wasted it), is how they tied into the present day plot – from the car, to the fact that the moment Samantha got to meet her biological father was supplemented for the moment she found her one and only childhood home with Judie. Though she never kept in contact with the boy from her monstrous foster home, and her biological father ended up being a man who was never aware of her existence, this episode still had a hopeful note. Not just because it Is clear that Samantha has the whole firm family in her corner, and she found out her biggest fear of having been purposefully abandoned by her parents needn’t come to fruition, but also because Harvey was there every step of the way to show to her the growth she can undertake if she decides to let go of her anger. There is always hope.

Good memories

And indeed, the lessons and reassurances Harvey offered, he could only give her if he fully grasped and learned them himself first He is the example of a person that had the childhood trauma, the aftermath to deal with in his adulthood and the amazing outcomes that he could now cherish and enjoy as the result of his own growing and learning to love himself. He has truly become an amazing man, a wonderful friend, a loving son and an incredible boyfriend. That is a testament to the writers that have spent seasons and countless details on getting him there. The best part now is that after spending this time with Samantha, helping her and in part processing his own traumas as well, we get to see him come home to the woman he loves. The one he has loved for years, and was now finally able to access his feelings for (his word, not mine, but definitely my tears).

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Ever since 6×02 (in fact literally the day of 6×02 I tweeted about this lol) so many fans have wanted to see Donna return the painting to Harvey. When Elliot Stemple took it away from him, Jessica revealed that the piece of art represented one of the only good memories Harvey had with his mother. Ten episodes after that, Harvey went to see Lily and started the process of reconciling with her, as product of Donna’s encouragement. She has always been such a focal point in his growth, and the connection she has to him getting his family back was exhibited so well in season 9 even before this episode. From Lily and Donna finally talking to each other, and the weight felt in that encounter, to Harvey first telling his mom that Donna was the one and finally, them starring at the picture Harvey put in his office with her when they discussed his choice making in 9×06. The love storyline between Harvey and Donna has always been interwoven with the depth of his development in regards to his childhood and family, because as the creator Aaron Korsh said himself, if Harvey was ever going to be ready for a relationship with Donna, he would first have to become “THAT MAN” who could face his past turmoil and process them. He has indeed become that man, and in this way, seeing Donna bring the painting back to him now, rather than seasons earlier, was one of the most fortunate decisions the writers could have made.

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The intimacy of that scene, the fact that Donna is the only person who could have ever given him that gift with the full knowledge of its importance and her admission that he was “the real thing” for her all stood for what has always made this relationship so special. The unconditional love, depite all the pain that the painting used to represent for both of them, and the shifting of paradigms that they undertook because of each other’s love in relation to their past traumas. Harvey’s silence and the feeling of overwhelming importance of that moment said it all.

And lastly, the ending of this episode with Harvey’s mom really represented the conclusion and a new beginning for them. Their relationship since they reconciled has been through different stages and even though it was clear they love each other deeply, there was still the weight of lost time and pain present, especially during Harvey’s visit to Boston for Marcus. In this scene, Harvey recognized that the work isn’t done and that his past decisions influenced everything they are today. The painting used to be his only good memory of his mother, but it was upon getting it back, because of Donna of all people, that it really hit him how that was a choice, not a fact. There were bad memories from the past, of his traveling musician father too, but to protect himself, he transferred the burden of all of them onto his mother. He doesn’t need that protection anymore because he understand that neither one of them was perfect, and that is okay. He is ready to love openly, to hold onto the good parts of their past and create new memories moving forward. So much of season 9 has been one happy ending for Harvey, on a personal level, after another. And no different, Harvey and Lily’s path into the future will now, without a doubt, be a very scenic one too.

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Random Thoughts

  • Samantha Wheeler for president
  •  “oh my god wig” is a new Donna Paulsen meme that we should all use at any possible time, thank you Sarah Rafferty
  • Can Samantha reunite with Adam by the end of the show???? Or maybe her father can come see her?????
  • If s9 doesn’t end with Harvey and Donna having burgers, I swear to god….
  • All awards to Suits casting of the kids, truly amazing every single time
  • Donna giving away MULTIPLE favors, which she never does, to do something for Harvey, true love right there
  • Harvey and Donna missing each other after spending literally less than 2 full days away from each other is the most Harvey and Donna thing ever
  • “I am Harold” “Harold who?” WE LOVE SEASON NINE
  • Harvey and Donna’s first on-screen couple I love yous are truly perfection. The lightness that comes with the confidence of already knowing someone loves you that much was so very fitting.
  • Thank you Alex Williams for continuous service to the Darvey cause.
  • Pick your fighter: “As far as I am concerned, you are the best man for any job and I love you.”, “The forger is perfect. This is perfect… you are perfect”, “I love you, Harvey. You are the real thing.” I never knew a better, more loving couple. Period.

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