Chicken Girls (S05E01) “The Other Guy”

The Chicken Girls are back in their 5th web series season. 

“The other guy”   is a play on, “you should have seen the other guy”

After Rhyme was hit in the face, with a basket ball, by a star struck high school dj, “Jesse the Hawk”  her soon to be crush (yeah, you know it’s coming)  Wes, proclaims “you should have seen the other guy, when sharing their pains in the nurse’s office. “Meet cute”?  Regardless Rhyme took the line and ran with it, in her typical quasi flirtatious way. 

 Harmony is in Middle School and Flash is 7 ‘feet . Yes he plays basketball; very well I must add. 

Quinn is distraught.  Hamilton is a hot topic . She cries when she reads of our country’s 1st treasurer of the same name.   

Ty is back to playing football; a blond Luna isn’t happy! 

Birdie is sitting on a park bench, waiting for?..

Robby’s selling his personal items, to maintain. Ellie suggests that “fugly” jacket.  *ahem  He’s not traveling with his mom, so she’s not paying him! One hopes she’s still providing support for food and shelter!

Rooney has a hair cut and looks longingly at Stephanie from a far. What happened after that kiss, last year?! 

Actually, what happened to a lot of  the characters?! Where is Ezra and the wicked step monster ? 

The Attaway paper is looking for an editor, where is Tim?

I’m still looking for the “B hive” last seen in season 3. The best mean girls ever!  Definitely stay tuned to the Brat Channel onYouTube.  New Episodes,  Tuesdays at 3p/Pacific