Silicon Valley Comic Con Experience, 2019 “You Had to be There”

I’ve finally, got it together to share my Silicon Valley Comic Con experience.   I’m  sorry for the late return and  more sorry if you missed it! “You had to be there!”

Having just returned  from the “big one” in San Diego, I was ready for an even greater experience here at home in the  South Bay; San Jose.  I was not disappointed.  It’s not too far, not too big and not too small.  Like  Goldilocks. “It was just right!” 

First off, it was logistically simple.  Who was coming to the con and where to find them was just an app away.  Preregistration was done on line, simple and at an affordable cost.  The tickets are arm bands and snail mailed.  We activate on line, from the comfort of our  own home.  Piece of cake! Then it was on to 3 days of awe, wonder,  and fulfilling our deepest  heart’s desire, bringing  fantasy to life!  It was a definite, “had to be there”  with the hardest and most frustrating  of the xperience, being parking!

And so we entered the fantasy worlds of Juggernauts,  Astronauts, Aquanauts and ‘Rasslin’, “oh my!”  The latter, being “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.  He truly “is what he is” and one of the most genuine guys I’ve ever seen in interview. I expected him to pop open a cold one, right where he was sitting.   His very own,  “Broken Skull IPA”

“Stone cold” spoke of ‘Rassling, beer, who he would like to beat up, and his  love and respect for Bret “The Hitman Man” Hart ( I  can still see his pink tights and hear his guitar music)

Steve is ultimately an up from his bootstraps kinda guy and business man.  From selling matches in local Super Markets parking lots. to  his very own Ale,  “Broken Skull” ; he came to influence culture and have fun doing it! 

And then there was Anson Mount.  A swoon worthy nerd. Incredibly handsome and chill. Ya’ just wanna read a book with him; physics in particular.

He was also very good and I enjoyed his down to earth, speak easy. Yet for an even  bigger, better and “mo’betta ” Anson…please keep the scruff.  It gives ya’ sex appeal, fire  “sway” and a “can’t take my eyes off of you” look.  A gentle man, yet all the good outdoors can offer, look. You won’t have to explain, “what  the name Anson means” because we won’t care! So “here’s looking at you, kid”  “This has been a  PSA  from 2 adoring women”

Next came Julie Benz. I would not have paid to see her, but I was “stuck” in the panel room, when she arrived.  I’m glad. She was very good and hella’funny!  From her imitation  of Tinkerbell  stuck in a jar, to Frank Levine’s chilling  “Put the lotion on the skin”  (Silence of the Lambs) She was hilarious and a great Interview.  Did you know she was a semi pro ice skater, as a wee lass?!

Finally, there came The Terminator reunion.  With  cast from 1, 2 and 3 ,it was surprisingly very good, Informative and fun.  Even with the T-800 , 101 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) not in attendance,  it was worth the sit down. 

Here were, the original. John Conner (Ed Furlong) Michael Biehn ( Sarah’s baby daddy) Kristanna Loken (model T-X)  John Connor’s  mohawk wearing  friend, Tim (John Cooksey) the foster monster, Janelle (Jenette Goldstein) and still my favorite, the T-1000, Robert Patrick. They had and kept our action, with their tales of backstage antics, bloopers and the show of genuine caring , love and respect for one another.  This includes the no show Arnold and the more than interesting, James Cameron. 

Yet the best, was the very candid, Ed Furlong (original John Connor) Let’s just say, after an incredible journey in self reliance,  responsibilities and awareness…like the prodigal son aand the T-800,  “He’s Back!”  Congratulations. Ed. Welcome home! 

All I had the opportunity to see on panel were genuine, quite frank and moreso, incredibly humble.  Each and every one! The gratitude and appreciation was real. Yet they are actors, so…..

Finally and in addition to the celebrities,  we were in the midst of some of the greatest personal creativity “evah”   The Cosplay  Genius’, Uniqueness and Beauty will be covered in  part 2 of the Silicon Valley Experience  Please stay tuned.