Pearson (S01E10) “The Fixer”

   The Fixer
“Life Is this… I like this.”

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It has all accumulated to this. I always have trouble with finale episodes of shows in season 1, because If they had not been renewed, it feels like an immense pressure to watch. In some instances, the open ending serves as an indicator of good news coming (hint: season 2, please) and in other, just a gamble in hopes a renewal will come to fruition. I truly hope that for Pearson, it is the prior. The season indeed ended with a revelation that can change everything.

However, let’s start at the beginning. Keri was still caught at the crossroad of deciding where to go next in her career, when in the midst of her soul search, Nick came over seeking help: he wanted to confess. So, Keri called Jessica, as her first official act of distancing herself from the mayor’s office and let her take over. Jessica took Nick to her place, and in a touching scene, the show perfectly portrayed Nick’s inner turmoil. He isn’t just a bad guy who did something wrong, he is a loving brother and an insecure individual, who was willing to confess to save the only family he has ever known. Though the actual depth of his sacrifice is only revealed towards the end of the episode with Jessica and the Mayor, it was after Nick wrote down all the details about the murder he was going to confess to, that Jessica already realized something about his recollection of the event doesn’t add up.

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In parallel with the Nick mess, Jessica was also dealing with Angela and the still ongoing protest in front of City hall. Angela was determined to get proper housing for her community, and if you had doubted her commitment before (though why would you?), she underook the ultimate act of sacrifice when she lost her job. The realities of caring about a cause and standing up for your own are harsh and the way the show took on the challenge of portraying that has been nothing short of amazing. Lucky for her, while Jessica wanted to compromise and save the mayor from the ongoing mess, she also (and she had since always) wanted to give credit where credit is due. So, cue in the vacant alderman seat. It doesn’t happen often, that the people truly deserving are the people to represent, but this might just be one of those cases. As Jessica perfectly put it herself: Angela is qualified by virtue of who she is. And in the end, there may be no qualification more important and genuine than that (Angela for alderwoman!!!).

In conjunction, Bobby also questioned the efficacy of his early plan to offer the people temporary housing (that would eventually put most of them back on the street anyways) and turned in his political compromise for an act of good faith. After Stephanie reminded him of who he used to be before the pressures and the power play of the job made him less ambitious and more willing to get away scar free, he finally (and it was about time) seem to have taken an honest stand. Literally. He promised Angela’s community that he will get them proper housing, and if not, they can vote him out. A very satisfying and touching scene, though after what we found out at the end of the episode, he may be out before he knows it…

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At various points in the season, we were shown FBI agent putting together a map of crime and relationships within the Chicago City hall. Everyone we have come to know and love in the first season was pretty much on the map. I found the part of the episode, that dealt with uncovering to the viewer what the FBI is really up to, the most intense. Jeff had, apparently, risked everything by getting a file for Jessica to prove his loyalty and make her reconsider her job with the mayor. He got caught in this crossfire and now he was being questioned and watched for whatever FBI was trying to uncover. That is how Jessica and Jeff ended up in a car, where no one could hear them, debating not just the faith of this investigation, but also their life together. That was definitely one of the things I did not see coming, going into this episode, and while Jeff had clearly proven nothing but love and loyalty for Jessica throughout this season, that simply was not going to be enough anymore. He wanted… normal. And in arguably one of the most revealing and significant Jessica scenes I have seen so far (Pearson and Suits combined), Jessica finally admitted what drives her to do this work (and now ultimately put it over their relationship): “Life is this, I like this”. Chills. If you have watched Suits, and love Jessica and Harvey’s relationship as much as I do, you will get this. Jessica was in this for her family, for the little guy, for justice and the people at work she has come to love, but most importantly, she is in it for herself. So, Jeff left, and this all just got a whole lot more exciting, knowing the lengths Jessica will go to keep going.

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Which leads me to the last scene. I had not been checking, when I watched the episode, how far into it I was, but with everything that was going on, I definitely did not feel like the mayor and Jessica meeting at the first spot they ever met in the backdoor pilot (poetic) was it. The revelation though… huge. Jessica connected the dots and revealed to Bobby that she knows the truth about the murder. It wasn’t Nick… it was… drum rolls… Bobby. And now, after all the times we were made to think Jessica knew the full truth about the people around her, she finally really does. Jessica 93034905, the world 0.

She tells Bobby that she will help him get out of this, but all that for exchange that she won’t be “just” his fixer anymore. With that, she opened a door for a million possibilities of how Jessica Pearson could use her power to get further in politics. The pressure, the stakes, the influence… she was born for it.

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News about season 2, you can’t come soon enough (fingers crossed).