The Affair (S05E04) 504

This episode of The Affair reopens old wounds for some, while others develop new ones.  A wound will never heal if it has not been properly bandaged.  It seems as if the wounds for these characters are endless.


Noah(Dominic West) is the guy you love to hate, but, hate to love.  As he arrives to pick up Trevor(Jadon Sand) and Stacy (Abigail Dylan Harrison) for school, Noah finds out Helen is taking the kids to Sasha’s (Claes Bang) house for the “legendary” Halloween party.  He was clearly in his feelings, but, somehow manages to shield the kids from an emotional display.  Stacey’s longing for a family outing prompts Noah’s suggestion for a family dinner on another night. 

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While at school, Joel (Adam Shapiro) plants an idea in Noah’s head to win Helen (Maura Tierney) back from Sasha.  After school, Noah meets with his representatives to enlighten them on the Sasha and Descent debacle, but, to his dismay, learns Sasha will get co-writing credit for Descent.  I gather Noah doesn’t realize he’s in Hollywood now.   

While dropping off the wrong material for Trevor’s costume, Noah volunteers to take the kids to Sasha’s party.  Stacey locks herself in the bathroom, (entering a new chapter in her life) which prompts Noah, to take on a role we thought he forgot…a father.  

“There you are Noah. Welcome back…It’s nice to see you again.”-  Margaret (Kathleen Chalfant)

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He sends Margaret to the store and orders an Uber for Trevor.  Once everything with Stacey settles, they head over to Sasha’s with a plan of attack.  Seeing Sasha and Helen together reopens old wounds that never healed.  A little help from Margaret and Stacey,  Noah attempts on two occasions to plant adult toys in Sasha’s bedroom.   I don’t think Noah had time to think this through.  After the second attempt, Sasha and Helen catch him in the act.  It’s bad enough Helen has to relieve the whole Alison(Ruth Wilson) experience, but, this was one wound that didn’t need to be reopened. 


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Is anyone else wondering why Whitney (Julia Golden Telles) can’t seem to catch a break? Just when her old wounds have healed, something forces them to reopen.  Whitney’s life at home and work is alarming. Colin (Max Fowler) emerges as a user.  I mean, they go to bed and wake up with practice questions and he can’t even replace the coffee he’s drinking!  Colin spends all day working on his artistry, meanwhile, Whitney’s literally dripping sweat working for Andrea(Melissa Gold).   She’s the jack of all trades, but, not getting paid jack.    Adding to Whitney’s dilemma is the one and only Furkat(Jonathan Cake).  Furkat only has eyes for Whitney as Andrea goes into groupie mode.  

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After turning down Furkat’s invitation to his showing, Andrea forces Whitney into going. Colin showcases a little jealousy, as Whitney dismisses his behavior.  While at the show, Furkat reveals his muse…Whitney.  She is then introduced to Dashiell (Tate Ellington) , who is interested in a little bit more than just the art.  Furkat and Whitney venture off for a quick rendezvous, to which, Dashiell follows.  Dashiell pleasures himself while watching Furkat and Whitney have sex. Whitney is close to having her own gallery, but, not without a price. After her night out, Whitney’s guilt has her clinging to Colin for dear life. 


As quickly as Joanie (Anna Paquin) appeared, she disappeared, but, not without a little more of the mystery unfolding.  Joanie is still mucking along in Montauk and attempts to start Cole’s (Joshua Jackson) truck to no avail.   She ends up riding a bike to the graveyard, showing us that Cole is indeed…dead.  We also know that Cole is buried next to his dad and Scotty.  Will Joanie find out that Scott is her biological father? I gather Cole was sick, because Joanie was throwing out all types of stuff including medications, papers , pictures and Gabriel’s toy chest.  Alison is probably turning over in her grave.  Joanie is clearly traumatized by old wounds that never closed and I’m ready to see how her  journey unfolds.  Maybe Cole made some deathbed confession about Alison and Scotty?

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An all new episode of The Affair returns next Sunday.