3 From Hell Movie Review

Three From Hell is the  surprising third  entry in the Firefly trilogy beginning with House Of 1000 Corpses and it’s follow up The Devil Rejects. I use the word surprising for the fact I like a lot people including myself thought the Firefly family was done at the end of The Devil Rejects for the way that films concluded  but however I was wrong and now we got Three From Hell.

The movie begins with the last shot of The Devils Rejects along with the news reporting the outcome that led to Baby, (Sheri Moon Zombie) Otis, (Bill Moseley)and Captain Spaulding (Sid Haig) all getting twenty one or more shots in the body and somehow surviving the shooting. Both Baby,Otis,and Spaulding each end of getting a life  sentence and the movie forward from there.

After so many year jump we learn that Spaulding has been  executed from a lethal injection and Otis during a prison work crew shift  has made his escape with the help of his half brother Winslow Foxworth Coltrane played by (Richard Blake) who was in another Rob Zombie movie called 31. With the help of his brother Otis plans on breaking his sister Baby  out of prison by any mean  necessary.

Three From Hell like The Devil Rejects try’s to focus in on both sides of the characters perspective but however I believe The Devil Rejects did it better because I felt we spent just as much time with Sheriff John Quincey Wydell cop forces hunting down The Firefly’s while also seeing  Firefly’s carnage when the story needed it.Here it felt like the  film main  protagonist from beginning to the end were only  Otis,Baby,and Foxy which is very different compared to the last film.Richard Blake who plays Otis brother Foxy I could tell was having a blast with his role. Throughout each scene of the movie his character was in I really like how he played it up. There were times were he was calm and collected. Then there were other times were he was just as crazy as Otis. Both Billy  Mosley and Richard Blake did a really good job playing  off one another.

Rob Zombie dose do some call backs to his first film House Of 1000 Corpses with one particular scene in the movie not saying what it is but i’m sure fan of this series will pick it up while watching this movie.

If I had to pick characters out of remaining original two Firefly family that had that I had fun watching  it probably Baby. During  the scenes when Baby lock up in prison Sheri Moon Zombie plays Baby more  psychotic than we have ever seen her before. Imagine a twisted version of Harley Quinn with the mind of Joker and now take that up to a eleven you will have a pretty good idea what Baby like for chunk of this film. There one scene were a prison guard lock Baby up in cell with handcuffs still on with two prisoners in there ready to beat her up and kill her but instead she kill them with a smile on her face while laughing.

Like most Rob Zombie films the movie dose offer some dark humor that you would ether get a laugh at or will be turn off by.Three From Hell is a movie for Rob Zombie fans and fans of the first three while the film dose not give you any answer in how they survive the film dose offer a new beginning chapter in the Firefly story that will ether continue on for a couple more movie or end here.

7 out of 10