Chicken Girls (S05E03) “You’re Hired”

“You’re Hired” is Astrid,  (Pilot Paisley-Rose ) and  Rhyme’s 1st cousin; as well as  Rhyme’s new job as  editor of the school’s  newsletter. 

 Last week, the poor cousin arrived to stay awhile, much to the chagrin of cousin Rhyme. They had not seen each other since aged 10.

There is obvious, shall we say, “childhood” tension between these 2, something from maybe  a previous lifetime, even., calling for resolution. There is baggage.  Although Astrid appears to extending the hand of friendship in earnest; Rhyme remains cordial, yet distant.  No doubt we’ll find out shortly, “what lies beneath”…

Yet it is  a time of hire.  Rhyme is the new editor in chief, in a vote of 8 to 1.  The 1 “no” being Brittany (Lily Chee) ; another growing Rhyme  rivalry with an Attaway fellow,  And I’m sill wondering what happened to previous editor, Tim?  And is Brittany one of the sorely missed, mean girls “The Queen B’s?”

In the meantime, Astrid is off campus at “Junior’s”  a local  depot of sundaes, floats, muffins and burgers. She’s looking for work.  Her quasi interview was stellar:  “Any service industry, experience? -“No”  “Do you like people?” -“Not really” “Ever been arrested?” -“Next question” “Chocolate or Vanilla?”  -“Chocolate Chip” …”You;re hired!”

As it usually happens, the  current Rhyme crush, Wes (Donovin Miller) walks in. ‘Putting on an apron, he’s assigned to train Astrid.  As they’re shaking hands, Rhyme walks in.  Perfection! 

I must say,  this season is starting off a little slow for me.  It’s not carrying the same, intensity as the last season and the season before.  But’it is high school, with a different pace, so we’ll see what shakes loose.  

AND it is still the best 15 minutes spent, evah on Youtube. 

Chicken Girls, new episodes air Tuesday, 3p/PacificTime.