DC Comics: Batman Damned

Hello ladies and gentleman and welcome to another great comic book review. This story if you haven’t read it yet all I can say is you should. The comic story I am reviewing today is Batman Damned, so let’s get to this review!

So in this story word has gotten out that The Joker is dead and Batman is supposedly the one who killed him. But there’s a problem Batman has no memory of what happened, and is being taken to the hospital when he goes into an animalistic rage. On his deathbed which is a pile of garbage in an alleyway. He’s met with John Constantine and the two of them are sent on a supernatural mystery find out what happened that night.

on the way Batman gets the help from Swamp Thing, Zatanna, Deadman, even Enchantress as well as Constantine. Will Batman find out what happened to him and make the ultimate sacrifice or let the joker’s fate be sealed? Find out by reading this amazing tale.

Now I’m gonna be honest, this tale at first does seem a bit on the weird side but that’s what I always love is the weird side of the DC Comics Universe because you get awesome stories with Constantine and other magical beings. I really do love that this is in fact the first entry to the Black Label Comics because of Vertigo being disbanded and all properties return to DC, they wanted to show a single story that will have no continuation but will be treated as it should be a single story with a single ending much like a movie.

I loved how Lee Bermejo used a realistic art style to make it seem even more like a movie that you are reading rather than a comic book itself. Although it wouldn’t surprise me if one day they do a movie based off this comic. The art is done just like the comic book Joker which a lot of people seemed to love.

Brian Azzarello the writer of the story did a phenomenal job. The way how he wrote this story was amazing, smart, and genius. The way how he ended the comic I found it to be an honorable ending by doing a montage to the Killing Joke comic whic is really cool. His story writing skills are amazing it keeps the readers in the story from start to finish.

I’m actually really glad that the comic book store had recommended this to me because I honestly recommend everyone to read this amazing book! It’s art is captivating, the writing is beautifully written, and you will be mind boggled by how this story ends, you can pick it up at your local comic store today so get your copy and read it people!