Preacher (S04E08&09) “Fear of the Lord” & “Overture”

With one episode left of Preacher, there is finality in each passing episode. Their directions may be altered, but their paths have always been the same. They each have a part to play, whether they are privy to it or not. (Spoilers Ahead)

The beginning of the end.

Perspective, that’s all you need. Jesse (Dominic Cooper) seems to have gained an abundance of it during his time in hell. He still has his part to play and God (Mark Harelik) is still the one in control, one way or another it’s all going to end. Chaos is descending on to the world and there is no stopping it. The cusp of a new dawn is rising and many will not make it out on the other side.

preachers04e081 1024x768 - Preacher (S04E08&09) "Fear of the Lord" & "Overture"
He has risen. Again? (Photo: IMDB)

Being set up to fail, humankind has been doomed since the very beginning. The system is broken, and no matter what one does, there is no true path to redemption. Choices have been made, but it’s never quite good enough. God doesn’t want to save the world, he wants to watch it burn. What if there never was a plan? Just ask the newly deceased Arseface (Ian Colletti) about that one.

Everyone has a price

Tulip (Ruth Negga) and Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) finally have their moment, but it ends as swiftly as it began. Jesse has risen from the dead, and they have a mission to attend to. This is exactly what is expected of them, I mean God is the one in control right? They have an ace up their sleeve, the abomination is going to prove to be a formidable foe.

preachers04e09 1024x768 - Preacher (S04E08&09) "Fear of the Lord" & "Overture"
Never meant to be. (Photo: Lachlan Moore/AMC/Sony Pictures Television)

God is relentless in his endeavors to destroy Jesse and all that he cares for. Picking off his beloved friends, one by one. Cassidy does his best to resist, but he wants a second chance, the promise of going back home is too overpowering. He must protect Humperdoo (Tyson Ritter) at all costs until the final dance number is unveiled to the awaiting spectators.

Tulip, although she is strong-willed and a wild card, she falls into her old patterns as well. Could Featherstone become an unlikely ally in the conflict ahead? They never had a chance at winning this battle, the cards have been stacked against them since day one. Jesse has always had a target on his back, but if God wants Genesis back, he’s going to have to take it by force. There is something greater at play though, giving God time to pause and The Saint of Killers (Graham McTavish) to seek and destroy.

You can’t always get what you want

Herr Starr’s (Pip Torrens) good looks have been restored and the apocalypse is happening, yet he’s not willing to die for the cause. Plans have been altered, instead of a full-on slaughter of the human race, there will be survivors. Too bad Featherstone (Julie Ann Emery) killed the messenger (R.I.P. Hoover Two!) before word could get sent out to the worldly powers that be. At least Featherstone and Starr finally hooked up, it’s the little things, right?

preachers04e092 - Preacher (S04E08&09) "Fear of the Lord" & "Overture"
Good looks, but bad luck. (Photo: IMDB)

Don’t write off these beloved characters just yet. There is conflict in the inner circle, as the original messiah, Jesus starts to break apart. He has been cast out by his father and Hitler (Noah Taylor) has gotten into his head. Who would think you’d ever see a fistfight between Jesus and Hitler? Welcome to Preacher, ladies, and gentleman.

The show needs to come to a close, one way or another, and next weeks episode is going to be a killer, in more ways than one. Are you ready for the mayhem? It’s going to be bittersweet.

The series finale for Preacher airs Sunday, September 29 on AMC at 10/9c.

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