Bluff City Law premieres

Sydney Strait is a top-notch attorney in Memphis, mostly representing huge corporations in class-action suits. Her job is to put doubt in juries’ minds when it comes to how her clients product may or may not have affected the plaintiffs’ health. After a particularly satisfying deposition where she did just that, she gets some horrible news: Her mother suddenly passed away.

At the funeral, she’s approached by her father Elijah Strait (Jimmy Smits), whom she hasn’t talked to in a few years, mainly because she found out about the affairs he’s had over the course of his parents’ marriage. He’s one of Memphis’ most respected activist attorneys, representing the plaintiffs in the same cases Sydney works on the other side, as well as other types of cases where the underdog needs someone to fight the system. Her mom was the heart and soul of the firm, and Elijah thinks that Sydney can take her place and be in a position to change lives.

New on NBC.