Chicken Girls (S05E03) “The Great Debate”

“The Great Debate ” features Ellie, in a class room drama, complete with costumes, of when the Federalists vs. Republicans, back in  1700, something. 

However, after a brief classroom debate between Jefferson (Ellie) and Hamilton (Quinn)  Quinn frazzles after hearing the name, “Hamilton”  She starts talking about (her) Hamilton and…sandwiches.  They bombed, so just take the zero! 

In other matters of the heart,  Glen, Stephanie’s paramour scrolls her phone, finding text exchanges from her bae and Rooney.  “rut roh” 

Elsewhere, Rhyme suspects something may be brewing between, Astrid and Wes, the guy she has her eyes on.  They work together and now Astrid is reading a book recommended by a friend. “The Great Gatsby” Its the same book Wes is reading. 

But the best, possibility of a shake up lies with Luna and Ty!  Ty is very sensitive to the PTSD,  Birdie is experiencing around cars. She’s having what looks like another anxiety episode, while I  Driver’s Ed. He offers kind words like before. Luna is not paying attention. 

This is my edge of my seat, must see, what’s next, so far.  UI’m liking Luna’s hair this season, yet not her attitude. She close to being obnoxious.

In local news, our local radio station, Djock,  “Jesse the Hawk” is smitten with Rhyme. His Google eyes are like pools of…puppy. She wants nothing from him, not even an interview! 

Back at The Attaway newsroom, the hilarity is provided by Arthur.  He thinks  the cafeteria is lacing GMO and laxatives in the food. Mr Dukacus has a burger, every single day.  After lunch he spends most of the 4th period in the toilet. Whew! The same concern is written to “Hey Harmony” the new advise column.  Yes, the author is Arthur! Hilarious; laughing as I type! 

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