Mr. Mercedes(S03E03) “Love Lost”

Alright guys and gals we have a wonderful episode to discuss tonight. We had a lot happen as well that we will also dive into. Some things we will discuss about is Lou, Holly, and Alma’s real plot, like I said we have a lot to discuss so let’s get to this review!

So in this episode we see our lovable Lou (Breeda Wool) in a really not so good state of mind. It seems like what Holly (Justine Lupe) had even said the more she stays in that horrible institution the more her problems will amplify in her mind. And Holly was right, it was amplifying for the worse. Our poor Lou was having a fight with her own mind seeing Brady and having to hear what he says to her and it wasn’t good. I think if Holly has not made this visit Lou would’ve not been able to pass the exam.

And let’s not forget Holly, her poor fragile mind even though she’s been a fighter and one tough cookie in this season and the last two seasons she still had vulnerabilities when it comes to institutions because she had to be in one before and it’s because of that, that she has anxiety issues when it comes to the institutions. Which is understandable but it was hard seeing Holly feeling out of place in a way in that place when visiting with Lou. I just hope that Holly continues to be that support for Lou because the girl really needs it.

Now in this episode and the last episode we’ve been kind of curious about the deal that Alma (Kate Mulgrew) and Morris (Gabriel Ebert) have with each other to make them have to have sex with each other and we heard it from Morris’s mouth in this episode. Apparently when Morris was younger he had some kind of sexual contract with Alma and when she demands it he must do it. Not gonna lie that’s kind of messed up, I was hoping though that Danielle (Meg Steedle) would catch Morris and Alma in the act and she sure did. But it must be difficult to know the guy she was in love with was in love with her but not for the reasons she was hoping for.

And yeah we feel for Danielle because she deserves better but when Morris was Genoa little physical towards her, I noticed that she must’ve dealt with abusive relationships before because of that fear in her eyes that then turned into a bit of fighting spirit. Something had to of happened to her when she was younger. But I don’t think we will ever find out what that was because she’s a dead woman now. I was really hoping for a likable character like Danielle that she would’ve survived in the end and kind of meet up with Lou and compare notes on whose story was more better even though we know Lou’s would win.

Now though that Morris knows that Peter (Rarmian Newton) is the one who took the money, how long will it be until Morris comes knocking on Peter’s door for the such money? Guess we will find out.

Now I have a theory on Alma, I’m thinking she has a long plot scheme in her head that whoever knows about the murder and Morris’s involvement needs to die. What are your thoughts about Alma? Tell me in the comments.

Next Episode: Mr. Mercedes(S03E04) “Trial and Error” airs Tuesday October 1, 2019 at 10/9c on Audience TV