Bull (S04E01) “Labor Days”

In “Labor Days”  Bull is back, for season 4, without Benny. 

It’s New Years eve,  Eugene Hobbs  ( Jeremy Landon Hays) is drunk and drinking at a bar.  After many shots of tequila, Patricia Delaney ( Monique St. Cyr) bartender,  gets a sense to cut him off  Yet her boss,  ( Drew Valins), doesn’t agree. She’s ordered to  continue to serve him. She does.

However, when he leaves, gets into his car and drives; she tells her boss, she’ll “be right back”  She hails a cab and follows him, concerned for his safety and others.

While In the cab, she’s on the phone with 911, reporting his erratic driving..  Yet, when Eugene enters his front door, she cancels the call and advises the cab to take her back to the bar,  assuming he’s safe. 

 But as they drive away, we hear and see the fire of gunshots, coming from  the house.  Later, Eugene is killed by the police; after killing his wife and  their 3 friends 

Back in court, Bull is losing without Benny.  It’s bad. Benny is “chasing ambulances” and it’s bad!  They’re still not talking.  

Some time later. Patricia is arrested for involuntary Manslaughter . Mr Perry,  Bull’s new hire, doesn’t want to go to trail. Bull does,  ADA  Williams does; Bull  fires Perry. He has no back up plan.  But Benny walks through the  court room doors after the “all rise”  I heard heavenly music.

They’ll go with “a sense of fair play” , yet Benny wants causation. A real defense. They’re disagreeing before the nights over! Yet Bull, probably for the 1st time on “forevah” surrendered.  “Causation for Exoneration” is the narrative. It was a beautiful thing. 

Across town, Mr Valerian, Marissa’s husband goes to Marissa’s OB, for a favor.  He wants to store his sperm.  He learns of his reproductive challenges and that Marissa kept it from him. “Rut Roh” 

Finally. there is a  flash forward, of 27 years.  ‘Never saw that coming! Methinks, it’s to show a very long relationship between,  Ben and Bull. It’s cool if that is the point. Once  is enough

It was a good, solid return. I’m not sure what I was looking for, since the season 3 finale was  such a let down. But I’m good now. 

I love the Benny -Bull bromance and their genuine love and respect for one another.  Although  it does not appear that way at times, love ultimately  comes through.

They’re brothers. They fight and  “I guess sometimes things, just happen; sometimes they just do”  I personally dont believe that, but if this keeps them together…”okay”

New episodes of Bull, airs  Monday at 10p/Pacific on CBS


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