FBI (S02E01) “Little Egypt” Season Premiere

The season premiere of FBI has the agency facing a bombing that hits too close to home. Here’s a recap!

fbi - FBI (S02E01) "Little Egypt" Season Premiere

When a bombing of a restaurant hits close to home to O.A.; it goes even deeper and even butting heads with the new FBI supervisor Isobel Castille on the issues of spreading the word that Muslims terrorists were the ones that had attacked.

O.A. learns that one of the victims from the bombing happens to be an undercover agent; asked for his help to capture the bombmaker that sent the bomb to the restaurant. After agreeing and getting the okay from Castille, O.A. tries to connect to one of the buyers; who happens to be not in to do what he’s trying to do. But when he comes to visit the kid at his home, the kid was no longer at home but at the park about to bomb at Central Park. While Maggie stops the bomb, O.A. stops the kid and the suspect.

Meanwhile, in the episode, Kristen becomes a full agent to the FBI and gets a new partner, Agent Stuart Scola. As he two help Maggie and O.A., the two bond as new partners does, like Kristen learning that Scola did have an older brother that died on 9/11.

“Little Egypt” was a very good episode that not only told a solid character development episode but pretty much added to what the feeling towards the characters would be this season. I very much enjoyed the tension between O.A. and Castille. But also nothing like a Law & Order reunion between Sisto and Garza. I’m interested in where this season will take the characters and the stories that they’ll be telling. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

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You can catch FBI Tuesdays at 9/8c on CBS.