Frayed premieres

The series follows the tribulations of a wealthy London housewife, Sammy Cooper, who, after the sudden death of her husband, is forced to return to her home town of Newcastle, New South Wales, in 1989.

Wealthy London housewife and mother-of-two Simone Burbeck seems to have it all. She lives in a mansion, and her days are filled with charity fundraisers and cocktail parties. But when her husband has a fatal heart attack during a session with a sex worker, Simone’s world falls apart, as her deceitful husband leaves behind nothing but debt and she finds herself bankrupt and homeless.

With no one to turn to, Simone and her two teenage children must travel to Newcastle, Australia, where Simone grew up — and it soon transpires that Simone isn’t who she was pretending to be in London. In fact, her real name isn’t even Simone.

New on Sky 1.