Glitch (S03E01) “Mum”

Glitch, the mind-bending series is back for its third and final season. Will we finally get answers? In a series like this, one can never tell. There are so many mysteries to uncover, but each episode will bring us closer. It all has to end at some point. (Spoilers Ahead)

Back to the beginning

We find ourselves going back to an all too familiar place. The scene is a desolate, quiet cemetery, aside from the two new Risen who have joined the land of the living. Belle Donahue (Jessica Faulkner), and Tam Chi Wai (Harry Tseng) (Who has ties with a young, enthusiastic Paddy). Each comes with a new heartbreaking story to tell. It doesn’t take long for their past to unravel, weaving them into the intricate web of returning to life after death.

glitchs03e01 - Glitch (S03E01) “Mum”
Back to Life, Back to “Reality”. (Photo: Google)

The boundaries that confined the Risen are no longer there to hold them in place. Yoorana isn’t their prison anymore. What was once their nightmare, can soon become their second chance. While Kate (Emma Booth) and Owen (Luke Arnold) head towards Adelaide. Kirstie (Hannah Monson) and Charlie (Sean Keenan) head off into the unknown, hoping to start anew. They have a lot of lost time to make up for.

it’s all connected

James (Patrick Brammall) is still mourning the loss of Sarah. The life of a single father hasn’t been easy on him, even with the help of his loving, yet concerned parents. His daughter is his world and he would do anything for her, but some heartbreak you can’t recover from. In a bizarre twist of events, he collapses, hitting his head, and waking up an almost changed man. Something more sinister seems to be at work, and it’s leading him back to where it all began.

glitchs03e014 - Glitch (S03E01) “Mum”
Broken Man, Walking. (Photo: Google)

The connections that each of these characters has does not go unnoticed. There is a reason they are all back and one by one we are starting to see the answers unfold. The past collides with a very real future, but some have their own selfish desires to fulfill. Dr. Heysen (Pernilla August) has crossed many lines, all for a chance to get her beloved daughters back. If only Phil (Rob Collins) saw things her way, instead, he snuffs out her light (will she remain dead, is anyone’s guess). This must be contained, by any means necessary.

Lost but not alone

Belle and Tam, are lost, alone and confused, but at least they have each other. That is until Belle’s religious and paranoid family holds her hostage, trying to cleanse her from the demon that must reside inside of her, the same cause of her untimely death. With another death imminent, she is saved by her new companion.

glitchs03e015 - Glitch (S03E01) “Mum”
The World is Burning. (Photo: Google)

This world isn’t safe for them, but there are some people who care. It’s hard to know who to trust, and the stories are always changing. Chris (John Leary), offers them safe passage, a warm place to stay and food to fill their bellies. He knows who they really are.

Everything is falling into place, and the purpose will reveal itself soon enough. If only the Risen knew the real danger they were in.

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