Perfect Harmony premieres

Arthur Cochran, a former Princeton music professor, is dealing with the death of his wife when he stumbles across some out of tune music coming from a church. Once inside, Arthur discovers a motley crew of out of sync, small-town choir members preparing for a choir competition in this musical comedy.

The group from this small church is led by Ginny, a harried almost-single mother who tries to see the positive side of life; her husband Wayne, a moron that Ginny doesn’t have the heart to divorce, making him think he has a chance to get her back; Dwayne, a big baritone who has always had a crush on Ginny; Adams, who thinks she’s a better singer than she is; and Reverend Jax, whose upbringing was so sheltered that he knows movies and shows by what his parents said was wrong with them.

New on NBC.