Single Parents (S02E01) “Summer of Freedom” Season Premiere

In the season premiere of Single Parents, with the kids gone for summer camp; the parents try to have their fun time. Here’s a recap!!

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Picking up right at the end of the season finale, the pact realize that with the kids gone for the summer that they should throw a party for each of the summer months. But when Doug tries to ask Poppy out for a date; after poppy thought, it was a disaster; it turned into of Poppy and Doug not speaking for the summer. That is until she learns that Doug actually was suffering from a heart attack at the time she placed his hand on his on their date.

Meanwhile, Angie is invested in sending Graham’s father an email; which ruined their plans between her and Will with their super fun summer plans. After Will wasn’t having the fun and dum things that he had hoped with Angie; turned away from his girlfriend to be with Angie that lead to them singing “cruel summer” at a karaoke bar but also go to Doug’s tiki hut party. Later when the group bonded for one more moment of summer; Angie sends the email to Graham’s dad, but also they all forgot to pick up their kids, who were upset and realize that their parents can’t do anything without them.

152970 5376 595 300x200 - Single Parents (S02E01) "Summer of Freedom" Season Premiere

“Summer of Freedom” was a fun season premiere that had good character development moments; like Angie finally getting the courage to send her ex the email that she’s been dreading all episode, but also seeing her and Will having that fun plan adventure as well. Also perfect song choice for karaoke too. I felt that Miggy was a bit underused as only the bridge to Poppy and Doug’s relationship guru in away. I just hope we get to see Miggy shine more this season. But the enjoyment of Brad Garrett’s character Doug just keeps getting better. The writing was good as so was the performance for which very good coming from this ensemble cast. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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You can catch Single Parents Wednesdays at 9:30/8:30c on ABC.