This Is Us (S04E01) “Strangers” Season Premiere

The season premiere of This Is Us might have us questions some of the characters; but the ending will explain it all with its classic twist. SPOILERS! Here’s a recap!

this is us season 4 episode 1 jennifer morrison new cast - This Is Us (S04E01) "Strangers" Season Premiere

After driving back from the audition, Rebecca and Jack not only had a wonderful time; but the two tells one another that they won’t be calling each other right away. Later Jack calls Rebecca and asked for another date; having dinner with her parents and parents friends. While it seems to go well, Rebecca’s dad isn’t too impressed with Jack and thinks that he can find her a better boyfriend than him. Oh, how he thought so wrong.

Meanwhile, we meet three different new characters, One, Cassidy Sharp, a military officer trying to hunt down an enemy, but when things don’t go the way it was planned; she takes it back with her home. After a couple of days, things aren’t the same at home and it leads to her separating with her family and seeking counseling.

Second, Mailk, a young father who works with his father at an auto shop. With so much responsibility his father advised him to live his life. And thrid we meet Jack, a blind musician, who after having an accident at home meets a lovely waitress, who becomes an inspiration to his music as he wrote a song and not only becomes a hit artist but marries the waitress and expecting a baby.

Now for the twist, as we see the Pearson family (present-day) celebrating Kevin, Kate and Randell’s birthday; we see Cassidy talk to her group when a chair is thrown breaking the window and we see Jack’s brother. Kevin gets a call to help him bail out of jail. Mailk, who goes to a party, is cooking burgers and meets Deja and soon makes an impression to her as she comes back home; where Randall and company are living in Philly. And Jack is no other than Kate and Toby’s son, who we learn of his blindness; but that’s not going to stop Kate from loving him.

“Strangers” is a very good episode. It’s at best not to overthink or just not think about what each character is all about because once I did that I had to rewatch over again. While the story between Rebecca and Jack was really good with a nice ending of Rebecca singing her love to Jack. The three new characters really stole the episode right out of the gate. Jennifer Morrison, Asante Blackk and Blake Stadnik are truely amazing; that bring that extra love, warmth, and mystery to the show. And not to mention that the song that Stadnik sings at the end should be considered for an Emmy.  Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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