Chicago Fire (S08E01) “Sacred Grounds” Season Premiere

The season premiere of Chicago Fire left Firehouse 51 in mourning of a loss of their own. SPOILER ALERT! Here’s a recap! 

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The season premiere episode picks up seconds after the season finale; where Casey and company were in the basement; Herrmann, and Ritter trying to cool the furnace pipes before they blow up and Boden, Brett, and Foster trying to take victims out until the furnace explodes. Boden, Brett, and Foster were taken down with Brett suffering from a severely broken arm; Casey and Company seem to be okay until someone’s alarm goes off and it turns out to be Otis.

As everyone brings out Otis, Cruz goes with him and sees the severe burns that he’s had suffered. Back at Med, everyone was awaiting word about Otis until Boden confronts a nurse that gave the worst news of all, Otis died. But we see one of the most emotional moments so far, as Cruz tells Otis that it’s okay to go that he hopes he would save a spot for him too until Otis opens his eyes and speaks in Russian and quickly dies.

We jump three months later, the firehouse is still in mourning of the loss of Otis. Cruz is trying to find meaning and even trying to figure out what Otis said to him. Casey is under review for the decision making that got him worried; but Boden took the blame from him as it was his decision to bring Brett and Foster in the warehouse, but it still not going to take the pain of losing a firefighter away.

Brett is now in Floweton; she’s just got her cast off on her arm and gets the job as a full-time EMT at the local fire station. But there’s an issue, being in a small town she knows someone from her past that is married to one of the firefighters. The Chaplain offers her a solution of not working but work as the Chaplain’s wife, who does work. I’m not seeing this last too long as she’s gonna miss Chicago.

With Brett gone, Foster gets a floater who’s like Mr. Rogers meets Clark Kent. Mouch sees the guy’s photo in a magazine.

Near the end of the episode, Boden gets everyone from the firehouse outside where he has an honorary memorial for Otis. He even translated what Otis said to Cruz just before he died. Soon as Cruz kneels in front of the statue, everyone from Casey and Severide then on to do the same while holding each other’s backs.

“Sacred Ground” was definitely an episode that marks another shift change in the series. Not since Season three premiere been this powerful and knowing that the outcome will be even painful. The writing was so damn good and even the character developments between Cruz and even Casey were just so good. I still got my hopes that Brett will call off the engagement and move back to Chicago; maybe ask Casey out on a date, but I know that’s way too much to ask for.  Overall, I give this episode a 9.5/10.

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