Chicago Med (S05E01) “Never Going Back to Normal” Season Premiere

Chicago Med returned with a season premiere that had shock value but also twists and even a farewell to remember. Be warned there will be spoilers! Here’s a recap!

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We pick off seconds from the season finale with Will waking up Natalie, who’s suffering from a head injury, rushed to Med where we meet Dr. Marcel, who takes over Natalie’s care. As Marcel works on Natalie; Will is taken but isn’t being a good patient. But Philip gets there worried about Natalie and tells Marcel that Natalie is his fiance; even without the ring on her finger. More to come later.

Meanwhile, as everyone comes in, April and Ethan learn from a pregnancy test that she’s not pregnant. But they take care of a young boy, who’s suffering from losing his eyesight. After running some test they believe it’s neurological and gets a consultant about it, which turns out to be a small tumor. It wasn’t until Ethan goes over the history on his patient that it could be something else; which in fact it happened to be a hyperthyroid and the kid ended up not having surgery.

While covering overtime, Dr. Marcel teams up with Dr. Charles who takes on a patient who’s suffering from schizophrenia. The issue comes down to explaining the seriousness of the illness to the patient’s grandmother, who believes she can take care of him. Dr. Charles talks to the grandmother, who later comes to understanding. Also, even though Charles’ honeymoon was postponed, it seems like it’s still on after the day.

Maggie gets a biopsy; which soon proved that she’s got breast cancer, but she’s decided to take treatment at another hospital but wants to keep working. Goodwin disagrees with that idea.

As Conner tries to help with Will;  Atwater questions him about his father’s death that seems to point to him, thanks to Ava. As Conner confronts Ava about the situation, Dr. Latham sees him being aggressive with her and soon a file of compliant was formed with the HR department. That was until Latham confronts both Ava and Conner about looking back at the logs to see who ordered the insulin. Soon, Ava and Conner talk and Ava admits to him that she did it but pulls one last trick, slicing her neck with a surgical knife. Ava dies on the table and that leads Conner to leave Med for good.

Conner confronts Latham about leaving and thanked him for everything but Latham also thanked Conner too. There was one more person that he thanked and that was Goodwin; who confronts him about leaving and the two gives a very heartfelt goodbye too.

As for Natalie, she’ll be okay, even though she suffered a loss of memory about what had happened. Philip uses her injury to his advantage that they’re engaged (that sick dude!).  Will believes that’s probably what Natalie was going to tell him when she got in his car.

“Never Going Back to Normal” was a fantastic season opener that not only gave us some sad and shocking goodbyes but also a nice welcome to a new staff member. Dr. Marcel seems like a smooth doctor but I can’t wait to see what he brings to this hospital. I sure believe Will will be suffering even more from this event and I’m guessing that Philip will be telling Natalie that it was all Will’s fault. Seems like having a baby isn’t out yet for Ethan and April. Kathy Baker gives a wonderful performance as the grandmother of the patient that’s suffering from schizophrenia. Good strong writing with character development and even strong performances from Colin O’Donnell, Marlyne Barrett, and Norma Kuhling. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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You can catch Chicago Med Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.