Suits (S09E10) “One Last Con”

Dedicated to the Suits family

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And so we reach the end. Even though I saw this episode days before it aired, I have felt so completely overwhelmed and at loss for words, that my writing abilities dissipated into thin air and I couldn’t really finish this review beyond what I started putting together on Wednesday night. I began watching Suits when I was pretty much still a child, entering into my teenage years. Since then, I have changed continents, people in my life, professional dreams and am in my second year of university. Through all this change, some welcomed, other less, Suits and the people I have met because of it, have been an unwavering constant. When I first set out to write this review, I felt tremendous pressure, because I knew after all these years of thinking about the show and writing about its plots, it will be hard to do it all justice in a few thousand words. I can’t even begin to imagine how the writers felt when they set out to write the conclusion. I realized very soon that nothing I could ever say in this review will be enough for how much this show has meant to me, and the gratitude I feel for the cast, crew, the writers and all the people who said “yes” nine times, but I did try my best to make you understand, through this last “Suits” review I will ever write, just how deeply I love it. Thank you, to everyone who powered through all of my rationalizations, complaints and thousands of words worth of freaking out over the years. This one is dedicated to all of you.

“We are not just colleagues, or even friends, we are family”

The creator, Aaron Korsh, pointed out in one of the season 9 interviews, that the last two episodes of the show practically act together as one big finale. However, as much as their scheme against Faye heated up in 9×09, the first 20 minutes or so of the finale acted as a way to close this plot, interwoven beautifully with some emotional characters moments and big changes for the future. The fake punching, the original trio discussing in the bullpen, Gretchen and Katrina’s loyalty, though part of the work plot, these moments all already gave the finale the weight you want to feel when you watch the last episode of a TV show. However, most surprisingly, the plot did not focus on the court aspect of the case.

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Rather, once Harvey realized Faye was going to keep going back on her word, for as long as she didn’t feel like she has had a sense of having defeated him, he knew what he had to do was much bigger than just win a case. So much of the show, and the resolutions of the legal plots, has revolved around people taking bullets for Harvey. Whether it being the primary reason for doing it, or simply the Specter luck, it always worked out for him in the end. So it was only fitting that when it came to his final plot, the writers decided it was time for Harvey to take one for the team. I had never seen him as unworthy of the loyalty people had for him, or the success and respect he has acquired over the years, but beyond all of these elements that made him “the best closer this city has ever seen”, I appreciated the layers of complexity and self doubt he has let us in on over the years. Thus, this being the way the final legal plot ends, was something I got behind 100%. In the end, Harvey and Donna’s choice to leave was under their terms, and even if it resulted in Faye finally agreeing to step down, it was really just one last win for Harvey as part of Specter Litt… but back to that later.

“Litt Up”

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And as the Faye chapter ended, another one started. I think one of the most significant plots Louis ever had on this show, and largely the reason for everything else that came out of his character growth, was his therapy storyline. It has been a long road to recovery, to confidence and to peace. We met Louis as arguably an inhouse villain, but the plot never made a point of defeating him, but rather, peeling off the layers to understanding why he acts this way. Besides the hilarious, sometimes absurd, and always touching writing his character received throughout the show, it was largely due to Rick Hoffman’s powerful portrayal of every facet of Louis Litt, that we have come to truly love him, sometimes even when no character on the show did. So to see him end his storyline by finally opening that door of possibility of friendship with dr. Lipshitz was a perfect way to close his path of growth. As the show, and importantly so, pointed out – he may never be completely fixed (because who is?) – but he is strong enough to find help with someone else when he will need it. To get a character’s growth to the frontline enough for his happy ending to include the conclusion of his therapy arc speaks to the importance these writers put on character development all along. I will happy live the rest of my life imagining all of the awkwardly hilarious moments of joy these two men will share… as friends.

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After asking Stan to officiate his and Sheila’s wedding (how iconic) we arrive to part two of his happy ending. During their ceremony, of course, Sheila’s water broke and she had to be taken to the hospital. Thus, the show decided to play with our feelings one last time. Or maybe Korsh wanted to see how it feels to be Shonda Rhimes. Either way, while Louis had the ambulance waiting just in case (and please, do notice Paulie the Medic, the fandom’s hero sitting in the ambulance as the driver!!! We love one crew!!!!), the stress didn’t end with the arrival to the hospital. Louis was told there is a complication with Sheila’s pregnancy, and left on his own to wait and just… hope. But happy ending came soon enough, and so did Lucy.

“Marry me?” “I took care of that too, we have been married for the last seven years.”

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In the meantime, the wedding, being cut to an abrupt stop, was in an awkward state of pause. Many fans indeed predicted this could happen, ever since Aaron Korsh said Louis’ ending relates to other characters and then months later, we also saw a picture of Harvey with a wedding ring in the finale. However, while I was very skeptical and opposed to the idea of a “stolen” wedding for Harvey and Donna, the show’s execution of this typically “romcom” plot made it anything but what I feared it would be. Whether it was due to Sarah Rafferty’s and Gabriel Macht’s organic acting, or the fact the lines were so distinctly Harvey and Donna, regardless of the nature of this plot, the authenticity of who they have always been as characters and who they are as a couple was preserved. The proposal? Absolutely moving and so well written. The wedding? Perfect.

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Harvey’s decision to propose was not guided by pain he has endured recently, it was guided by the realization that when you find that someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, there is simply no point in wasting time. It is one thing to act out and try to fill a void with joy elsewhere, but another, to change that pain into a lesson and ensure you don’t repeat old mistakes. Harvey and Donna have spent years, in countless of ways, and out of the sole reason of fear, circling around something they both knew they wanted deep down. To have them listen to their desires and act on them so forcefully, that was the real beauty of their impromptu nuptials.

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 Thus, this wedding was not so much a wedding for its traditional purposes, it was a fulfillment of a deep desire to start the rest of their lives as soon as possible. The marriage, the commitment the two have lived for years, albeit under the disguise of the decade’s most iconic will-they-wont-they, all throughout the show. I felt this wedding, not just because I have been a Darvey shipper for literal years, but also because it truly felt like ending where it all started. With the marriage of these two soulmates, only now, officially.

“Without you, I am empty.”
“I could never go back to the way I was before.”

“Or whatever bullsh*t name you guys are calling yourselves this week”

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Following the joys within the personal lives of our main three firm superheroes, we returned back to the firm which carried this world in its embrace for 9 years. Though I appreciated the writers’ decision to step out of their comfort zone and put the characters in more personal spaces all throughout season 9, I did also think it was only appropriate and most fitting to return back to the offices when we truly say goodbye. And say goodbye we did.
The idea that the people who will stay to keep this place alive were all people that in so many ways complement each other is perfect. Alex and Katrina as the moral compasses, and Louis and Samantha to keep it… interesting. I could feel the potential, the hopefulness and the joy of letting that goddamned, but precious, space go, knowing that the people who were left to take care of it will do it so incredibly well together.

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The moment we saw Donna walk away, with the powerful panning shoot and the music (which I now wish to delete out of my mind forever, because the pain is just too much), the significance of change was really felt most deeply, at least for me. Though season 9 sadly did not focus on her as much as I would have wished, in terms of work, I think her being the one who walks through the hallways and gazes at the people she will leave her firm with in the end, of all characters, was the most fitting. All of the ways in which we let these people go – happy, healed, together, a family – it was largely thanks to her untiring and steady commitment to helping them get there. She was a moral compass, not just to Harvey, but to every single one of them at one point or another. Her walking down the hall (God how much I will miss Sarah Rafferty’s power walks) was her saying goodbye to something she nurtured. As she told Louis so perfectly (guess what I did during that scene, yes I cried, you got it right), she was there for as long as they needed her, through and through. She walked away the happiest she has ever been, and hopefully, those idiots will move forward together feeling the same way.

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Plus, the firm byelaws now (finally) have a clause that prohibits them from changing the name for at least 5 years (oh the self-mocking comedy that I will miss so very much).

Gordon Schmitd Van Dyke
Pearson Hardman
Pearson Darby
Pearson Darby Specter
Pearson Specter
Pearson Specter Litt
Specter Litt
Zane Specter Litt
Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams
Specter Litt Wheeler Williams
Specter Litt Williams
Litt Wheeler Williams Bennet

“This is Harvey Specter, he is our best closer”

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And now, ladies and gentlemen, cue the tears. Harvey Specter has always been the heart of this show. Whether it be the earlier seasons and his sarcastic, angsty and at times heartbreaking overcompensation for the pain and insecurities he kept locked inside, or the later seasons and his constant effort to get over all-of-the-above, I have felt for him throughout it all. The show opened in season 1 with Harvey, as an already insanely well established and accomplished lawyer. He was rich, successful, he had good connections at the firm, the stereotypical good looks and the extravagant life-style to fill his personal life with. In the eyes of some, the show opened with a guy who already had everything. And that is exactly the belief Suits writers have spent the past 9 years trying to challenge. His season 1 world was “cool”, but it was anything but happy. It took years of real introspection, effort, pain, disappointments and tremendous amount of setbacks, for Harvey to really get to a place where we say goodbye to him knowing that he truly is happy. He stared the show as the stereotypical powerful white guy, and he leaves us with one message, loud and clear: the road to happiness lies in forgiving, vulnerability, love and caring. From a guy who believed the latter is a sign of weakness, we have had the privilege of watching him grow into a loving, committed and stable man, who cares so deeply and passionately about everyone around him, that committing the ultimate sacrifice and letting go of the firm came naturally. He never had a bad heart, and even in season 1, his respect for family and his principles of loyalty were very much a part of who he is. But he is even better now – and that is the point. His friendship with Louis, his dealing with loss, the role Mike plays in his life and most importantly, his relationship with Donna, have all become stories of hope that for those of us who struggle with our past, there is a bright future down the line, if only you just let yourself feel through it. In a world where men are so often told to “toughen up” and dominate, Harvey’s story is one that starts that way, but ends in a much more healthy, positive head-space. For putting that message into the current world, I will be forever grateful to the Suits writers.

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As such, the last sequence was particularly hard for me. Until the point where Harvey spoke his last words on the show (all the ways I imagined that to happen, I think none topped the reality, and the fact that Suits closed its 9 seasons run with Harvey thanking Donna for “everything”) I was trying to hold it in and not full out scream at my screen. But, when Harvey started walking around the office, thinking about his growth through that sequence of past seasons, playing with the iconic basketballs, and finishing the last glass of scotch… the weight of that was just too big to hold it in any longer.

This character, along with the rest of the main ensemble, has become a constant in our lives, and I don’t really remember much of my day to day life before I committed myself to following this show. It felt like a real goodbye, a loss of something so profound and constant, and while the pain of that has not really let me rewatch the final sequence much since I first saw it, I do think it was exactly the way to go. Last seasons are always challenging, last episodes particularily so, but last scene is… it.  We walk away from something, but Harvey walks into a new future. I will cherish the knowledge that he gets to spend his life with his favorite people, doing what he loves, but now, for the good guys. There will be challenges, change, Mike Ross, new friends and old ones, but most importantly, there will be Donna and everything being with her represents.

Indeed… “it is a lot to lose”.

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Random thoughts:

  • Imagine a world where all writers so consciously commit to simply giving joy and hope with their final episodes, like these writers did. Just imagine.
  • The first Harvey and Donna scene in this episode set my ovaries on fire, but we been knew their chemistry was crazy.
  • Harvey and Donna communicating all through the episode and making every single decision together, I love one couple beyond words.
  • “Harvey, you and I con-ed the world for years. It is time for one last con.” One of my favorite lines ever.
  • The fact that the show respected Mike’s s7 ending with Rachel, and rather focused on him taking part in the other characters’ ending was really perfect!
  • Louis yelling “He is a hero” about Harvey is truly my biggest mood.
  • Just… everything about Harvey and Donna in this episode. It is surreal. So much of it was about them, and who they are to each other and because of each other.
  • Harvey and Donna walking down the aisle, and the voice over saying that sometimes you can’t imagine two people without the other…. I know Aaron Korsh wrote that whole vows voice over-walking down the aisle parallel to annoy us, but I am sorry mr. Korsh, I am OBSESSED with it, 0 annoyance here.
  • Harvey saying he wanted to marry Donna from the moment he met her, tell me tell me tell me something I don’t know, something I don’t know.
  • Aaron Korsh knew this would be the show’s ending since the time he wrote Darvey getting together and that is CHEF’S KISS ENDGAME
  • Sarah Rafferty’s acting in the proposal scene is the reason why I need her in everyting I watch from now on, thank you!
  • Donna’s joke about Mike and Rachel’s wedding, Mike’s joke about officiating their wedding, PEAK COMEDY
  • Sheila and Louis, entertaining me with their absurd humor till the very end.
  • I remember I did an interview with the amazing Ray Proscia who plays Lipschitz about a year ago, now I am laughing thinking about the fact that I had no idea back then he would literally officiate Harvey and Donna’s wedding, what a legend.
  • *Insert Harvey and Donna’s vows, all of it*
  • “Even if it is a hundred years, I know I will never have enough time with you” cries forever, me to Suits.
  • Those of you who have followed me on twitter for years, you know I used to talk about Darvey dancing to “Perfect” 24/7, and the first time I heard the notes of the song coming up…. I JUST LOST MY SHIT. A tribute to me.
  • The Darvey parallel to Jessica gazing at the bullpen, though I feel so heartbroken that my queen wasn’t there for the final episode, I felt that was a great nod to her and just one more reason for me to cry forever every time I rewatch this episode
  • What will we do without Rick Hoffman’s acting on the weekly?
  • Samantha Wheeler getting Faye’s office is my basic human rights
  • Harvey and Mike re-doing their first conversation was truly too much for me, and I do not recommend it. CRIES. What a beautiful way to pay tribute to them, honestly.
  • Harvey Specter, where do I go from here?
  • As of right now, this episode has the rating of 9.5 on IMDB, and truly so deserving. Everything a finale episode should be: joy, predictable but happy endings, hope for the future, references to the past seasons, and characters characters characters.
  • Last review, feels surreal. Thank you again for everything Suits and the Darvey fam. It has been the ride of a life time. I wish we could stay here forever.