The Goldbergs (S07E01) “Vacation”

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The Goldbergs (S07E01) “Vacation”

Here we go again, after a long summer hiatus The Goldbergs is finally back with a new season! And with the premiere, paying homage to the classic 1980-something movie National Lampoon’s Vacation, season 7 is off to a great start.

The Goldbergs are going on vacation!”

There’s only one week left before Erica and Barry start college. Beverly, inspired by the movie, decides the family is going on vacation. Nobody shares Bev’s enthusiasm though, but she basically forces everybody to join her on a road trip across the country to Disneyland. During the trip everybody deals with their own problems.

Beverly wants to make sure this trip will lead to more trips even though her kids growing up. Murray, of course, just wants the vacation to be as cheap as possible. Barry wants to prove he’s an adult and ready for college. Adam is of course excited for everything Star Wars in Disneyland. Erica tries to figure out what her boyfriend Geoff so badly wanted to talk about before their trip. Oh and Pops, he has the time of his life riding with ‘the girl in the red Ferrari’, just like in the movie played by Christie Brinkley.

A trip to remember

Day 1 of their road trip leads the family to the old west, in 1880-something. While Erica is still agonizing over whether or not Geoff will break up with her, Barry has found the perfect way to show everybody his manliness with a lasso. This doesn’t end well, the family gets kicked out and has to spend the night in the car.

The next day things aren’t going much better. Erica tries to call Geoff, but can’t reach him and freaks out more and more about her future with him. Barry tries coffee, like an adult, but hates it. And as Beverly thinks this might be the last family trip, she informs everybody that the trip will last even longer.

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Barry tries coffee

After seeing Mount Rushmore, the Grand Canyon and a crappy motel, the car breaks down after a car jump like in Vacation. The family is miserable and decides to go home, until Murray steps in and tells them that he would spend all his money to have a great family vacation together. Luckily for him he doesn’t need to spend anything because at that moment Geoff shows up in his van, and saves the day.

So in the end Gerica is still a couple, Adam convinces Barry that he is ready for college, Bev might actually get another family vacation next year, and the Goldbergs finally make it to Disneyland!

Final Thoughts

Like I said when I started my review, season 7 of The Goldbergs is off to a great start. This was an episode in true Goldbergs style, with hilarious scenes, famous actors from 1980-something, and of course a heartfelt and fun ending.

If you’ve been following me a bit over the years, you should know by now that one of my favorite shows is The Middle, and that some of the best scenes of that show took place in the car. This episode of The Goldbergs had this same vibe and I really enjoyed it. A family trapped in a car together is just really hilarious, if executed correctly. And I think The Goldbergs did this very well in this episode.

To recap…

This first episode gives us a bit of an overview of what we might get to see this upcoming season. First of all we’ll see Erica and Barry in college together, which can get very interesting. Adam will be an upperclassman in high school. And with all her kids getting older, it forces Beverly to let go of them some more. And even though Murray doesn’t always seem to care, he actually does have some feelings about his kids growing up. I’m sure the speech he gave at the end of this episode, won’t be his last heartfelt words this season.

I can’t wait to see what the family has in store for us this year. Welcome back The Goldbergs!

Next week, Dana is back! Tune in, October 2nd, at 8/7c on ABC for a new episode of The Goldbergs!